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Cinnamon for slimming: Cinnamon soaked recipe

 Cinnamon for slimming: Cinnamon soaked recipe

Cinnamon is used relatively little in France, yet it is a spice full of virtues highly prized by Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines. Behind its strong taste often associated with winter, it hides a whole host of

 health benefits. In this article, we tell you how to use cinnamon for weight loss, what are its health benefits, and our favorite recipe for a cinnamon soak for weight loss.

Benefits of cinnamon on the body

The exceptional composition of cinnamon gives you many health benefits. Among them, it is common to use cinnamon for weight loss. Here is how cinnamon works on the body to promote weight loss:

Natural appetite suppressant

It has an almost immediate appetite suppressant effect. As a result, cinnamon increases the feeling of satiety and naturally reduces daily calories.

A natural alternative to sugar

Cinnamon easily replaces sugar in desserts. Indeed, its strong taste makes it possible to give flavor while reducing the sugar content of the preparations. This point is very interesting when you know the damage caused by sugar on the line.

Digestive comfort

This spice, when used regularly, stimulates the digestive system and facilitates digestion. After a heavy meal or in case of digestive pain, cinnamon can greatly help in recovering well.

Cinnamon, the regulator of blood sugar and cholesterol levels

The active ingredients present in cinnamon have a positive effect on cholesterol and blood sugar levels. In particular, the MHCP contained in cinnamon makes it possible to significantly increase

 insulin sensitivity. In Chinese medicine, this spice is also used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. This cinnamon effect is very interesting, especially when we know that reduced insulin sensitivity is

 responsible for certain cases of weight gain and related diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, etc.).

Increase energy expenditure

In addition, cinnamon has another weight loss benefit. Its intake increases body temperature and forces the body to struggle to restore its temperature to standard values. As a result, energy expenditure and fat burning are increased.

Other health benefits of cinnamon

Finally, cinnamon has many other health benefits. Containing more than 90% of antioxidants, it helps fight excess free radicals and premature aging of cells. It is also worth noting its anti-inflammatory effect and beneficial action on the circulatory system and the immune system.

How to incorporate more cinnamon into your daily diet

In France, cinnamon is used relatively little in cooking. However, its unique taste offers many possibilities:

For dessert: tied with apples, pears, honey, coffee or even chocolate. It can be fun to experiment and add a little cinnamon to give originality to more classic desserts. In yoghurts and compotes, cinnamon also brings quite a bit of interest from a health point of view and from a flavor point of view.

In dishes: Contrary to popular belief, cinnamon isn't just for desserts. Dishes from international cuisine in particular go well with their

 spicy taste to give them more intensity. For example, curries, wok or tagine dishes are generally ideal for subtly slipping in a pinch of cinnamon without compromising the final flavor of the dish.

For tasting drinks: and not only in winter! Often associated with Christmas drinks only, cinnamon is delicious all year round. In

 herbal tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or homemade smoothies, it's easy to enjoy. For this, it is preferable to use Ceylon cinnamon stick in moderation, as it is rich in active ingredients.

Our recipe for soaking cinnamon for weight loss

To use cinnamon to lose weight more easily, here is a delicious recipe for soaking. Here, cinnamon is associated with ginger and honey to double its slimming effects and revitalize the body.

for one person

250 ml water

1 ceylon cinnamon stick

1/2 tsp. honey quality

1 black tea bag

½ cm ginger root


To prepare a cinnamon infusion for weight loss, start with finely grating the ginger.

Then heat the water in a saucepan. From the start, add the cinnamon stick until the flavor develops well. Bring the water to boil. Then add black tea and leave for 5-7 minutes. After infusion, remove the black tea bag and cinnamon stick.

Just before serving, put the ginger and honey in the bottom of the cup. Pour black tea mixed with cinnamon on top and mix. Enjoy the heat and without delay to enjoy all the benefits of this infusion.


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