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Bodybuilding: 9 different types of push-ups

Bodybuilding: 9 different types of push-ups

Diamond, Spiderman, Mountain or elevated feet... Here are 9 different types of push-ups that you can add to your exercise routine.

This non-exhaustive selection of pushup variants will allow you to get a different muscle tone depending on which one you choose. Work on the triceps, lower chest, upper or even the front face of the deltoid, and we'll explain everything so you can develop strong arms and shoulders.

You should know that the technique of execution is very important when doing the push-up. The accuracy of the gesture will be more important than the speed of execution, so the muscles will work more deeply and you will not (or much less) risk injuring yourself.


- Exercise 1: "Diamond" push-up

Exercise 2: Push-ups with high feet

Exercise 3: Push-up with high hands

- Exercise 4: "Spider-Man" push-up

- Exercise 5: Push - Shift to one side

Exercise 6: Push-ups with one foot off the floor

Exercise 7: Push-up with one hand

Exercise 8: Push-ups

- Exercise 9: Push-up on the "mountain" - on a bench or on a chair

"Diamond" pump

Execution: Stand on your feet and hands with your feet straight. Shape a diamond with the thumb and forefinger of both hands. Staying as tightly as possible and bending your arms as much as possible, try to touch your chest to your hands and push yourself back as you exhale.

Variation: To simplify the exercise, do it on your knees. To make the exercise more difficult, raise your feet.

The main muscles worked: the triceps, pectoralis major and anterior deltoid.

Tip: Try to tighten the triceps firmly in the high position to get them as much as possible.

high foot pump

Execution: Put your feet on a bench with your feet straight and your hands on the floor. Put your hands a little wider than shoulder width. Bend the arms by lowering the chest toward the floor without arching and pushing back as you exhale. Do not post your elbows.

The main muscles worked: the upper chest, the anterior deltoid and the triceps.

The pump with raised hands

Execution: Choose an elevated brace to position your hands with your arms straight. Stand on your tiptoes with your hands slightly shoulder width apart. Tighten the abdominal muscles, the gluteal muscles and try (a little) to put the chest muscles on the bench, here is the bench. Push back as you exhale.

The main muscles worked: the lower chest and triceps.

Spiderman pump

Execution: Put yourself in the "classic" push-up position. Bring one knee to the elbow while performing the push-up. Return your leg to the starting position by squeezing your arms. Do the same with the other knee. Alternate the left knee and the right knee to work in a balanced manner.

The main muscles worked: chest muscles, triceps muscles and oblique muscles.

Pump displacement to one side

Execution: Put yourself in a classic push-up position but as you perform the movement you have to shift your weight to one side by bending your arm and trying to keep your elbow stuck to your chest, here on the right. The left arm is mainly used for balance. There is little force on the opposite arm. Alternate once to the left and once to the right to work in a balanced manner.

The main muscles worked: the triceps of the right arm (pictured).

Tip: Keep your feet wide apart to be stable and balanced when performing the movement. This movement is ideal for training and achieving hand push-ups.

Push up with one foot off the floor

Execution: Take a position like the "classic" push-up, lifting one foot off the floor, keeping your leg straight and your buttocks tight. Do a push-up with the feet off the ground and try to put the chest on the floor. Alternate once for the left leg and once for the right leg to work in a balanced manner.

The main muscles worked: the chest muscles, the triceps muscles, the gluteal muscles of the leg with the foot off the ground.

hand pump

Execution: Stand on one hand and feet apart for good balance. Tighten the abdominal muscles and bend the arm as much as possible. Put the other arm behind your back. Be careful, you should be able to climb with the strength of one arm.

The main muscles worked: the chest, the triceps, the front surface of the deltoid muscle on the side of the supporting arm.

The pump is installed

Execution: This is a "classic" push-up in which we put the chest muscles on the floor. The pelvis and thighs should not touch the floor.

The main muscles worked: triceps, chest and anterior deltoid. These push-ups are more difficult than traditional push-ups. They will allow greater work of the triceps and chest muscles.

Mountain push-ups on a bench or on a chair

Execution: Place your feet on a raised support, hands on the floor and buttocks in the air to form a mountain with your body. Bend your arms so that the top of your head touches the floor and push yourself up. You should try to keep your legs as tight as possible during the movement.

The main muscles worked: the deltoid muscle and the triceps muscle. 


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