Body Weight Workouts: They Tell You Everything!

 Body Weight Workouts: They Tell You Everything!

For you, bodybuilding necessarily rhymes with machines? What if you just thought about using your own body weight?

A full-time tool, our weight is a stuff we don't immediately think of when we talk about bodybuilding. However, the latter is full of resources when it comes to developing muscle. Focus on a practice that is often underestimated and you will love it!

Body weights, koisaku?

As the name suggests, body weight training involves using your own body weight (preferably your own body weight) to build muscle. All forms of extra loads, such as barbells, should be banned... Suitable

 for lovers who want to build muscle at home! However, it is possible to use attachments in order to increase the intensity or difficulty of the exercise, to work against it differently. But we'll come back to that later!

Why do we adopt it?

This practice has many benefits. First of all, bodyweight exercises are multi-joint. In other words, they allow you to work out multiple muscle groups simultaneously. For example, with sheathing, you strengthen your arms, abdominal girdle, and also your legs: these muscles must work together to contribute to the achievement of this exercise.

In addition, bodybuilders in bodybuilding use the so-called "functional" gestures .: running, jumping, stretching, stretching your muscles ... By performing these exercises, you can improve your

 ability to perform the movements required in sports or simply in everyday life! You improve your posture, physical resistance, and tone your silhouette.

Body weight training for everyone. If your sessions rarely exceed thirty minutes, these are intense. So it is important to start gradually. Start with 10 to 15 minute exercises, then increase the escalation time of the practice to your feelings and progress!

What is the only limit to this practice? You cannot effectively increase your load indefinitely, unless you gain weight. But we agree: here, that's not the point! Especially since bodyweight training gives you the opposite effect. It allows you to lose fat while gaining muscle mass. It's not wonderful?

With or without equipment, you see!

Strength training with body weights can include the use of small and medium-sized equipment (not to be confused with machines that are, among other places, in the weight room and that add burden to your effort), for example:

- dip bars or dive stations,

- basic sliders,

- gluteal ligaments or rubber bands,

Daylight saving time belts or suspension belts.

Using this type of equipment allows you to exercise your muscles more and differently. It is therefore recommended to use it a few weeks after you start your bodyweight strength training practice, when you are comfortable with the core exercises and want to progress!

However, the use of equipment is not mandatory if you want to improve. Depending on the desired intensity, often you just have to change the amplitude of your movements: bring your hands closer to each other during push-ups, bend your knees more on a squat ... and it will satisfy your thirst for more difficulty!

Need a little help getting started or want to try another routine? Discover our free muscle building program on the Decathlon Coach app. 3 sessions: one full body session, one lower body session, and one upper body session.

Our favorite equipment-free bodyweight exercises

Squatting, to work the lower body

Place your feet parallel to the width of your pelvis. Keeping your back straight and your hands clasped in front of you, pretend to be sitting. Stop your movement once your knees form a right angle. When you come back up, push hard into your heels. Also, make sure to keep your knees wide open and not inward when doing the squat!

Do 10 reps!

Push-up, to work the upper body

Place your knees on the floor, with your feet respecting the width of your pelvis. Extend your arms. Place your hands flat on the floor, just below your shoulders, but slightly apart. Now, pump your chest

 to the floor without touching it by bending your elbows which should maintain the correct angle. Maintain alignment between your back and neck by trying not to arch your back and placing your gaze on the floor between your hands.

Do 10 reps! You can also straighten your legs: the knees are no longer there to lighten the load.

Hollow press, also called "banana", works on the abdominal muscles

Lie on your back and bend your knees up to your chest. Then lift your shoulders off the floor and extend your legs in front of you to form an angle of about 45 degrees with the floor. At the same angle, now extend your arms along your ears and bring your hands together. You just have to wait for 30 seconds!

dip with dip bar

Stand, put your hands on the foam and come to form a right angle by bending your arms behind you. Sit in a sitting position, like a chair. Your back and pelvis are aligned. Extend your arms behind you and your legs in front of you, then return to your initial position, all while helping you with the strength of your arms.

DST towing (suspension straps)

Hold the handles horizontally in your hands and extend the arms as well as the straps. Bring your legs slightly forward in front of you and balance on your heels. Make sure to keep your pelvis, back, and

 head aligned. Now raise your hands to the armpit by turning them into a vertical position. When you bend your arms, they should stay along your body.

Mountain climbers with Core Sliders

Take the payment position described above. Particular attention should be paid to the position of the buttocks, as they should be neither too high nor too low. Arrange the slides under your feet and

 move your leg so that you bring your left knee toward your chest, then straighten your leg again, and do the same with your right leg. Thanks to the sliders, you learn to control your gestures, so do not rush!

To be practiced everywhere, with or without equipment, body weight training is a real way to exercise at home. If you think you lack regular attendance, exercising indoors with other athletes can

 motivate you even more. Alone or in a group, it does not matter, the main thing is to take on the challenge that you set yourself!

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