Back to Sports: Advice from a Coach

 Back to Sports: Advice from a Coach

Resolutions this year? Go back to sports without hesitation! To return to it once and for all, follow the advice of our sports coach.

1) Define your goal

Before wanting to return to sports after a long break, it is necessary to set an athlete's goal. Why would I start an exercise activity: Want to lose weight? Refine formality? My body tone? gain muscle? Thus, you will be able to define your own training program and your cruising speed.

2) Good surroundings

To help you determine a training schedule that fits your goal, nothing beats seeking the advice of an athletic trainer. At best, assess your physical condition. A few personal training sessions would be ideal to get you started on a good footing. The coaches' support is invaluable: re-amplify it to mass, then work with a specific, well-framed goal....

3) standby

Before a gym session, choose comfortable clothes. No need to bet everything on fashion, prefer sportswear that you feel comfortable in movement in. Warm up systematically: 10 minutes of walking on the treadmill or working out on the rowing machine will allow you to prepare your whole body. Also loosen your joints before beginning the exercise.

4) Diversify the fun

Making good decisions at the beginning of the school year is a good thing. But keeping up with the pace is another thing. To avoid getting bored too quickly, you have to change your workouts. Don't just

 follow the same cycle, you risk getting bored, and thus give up. Request the full schedule of lessons offered by your club or contact an athletic trainer to choose the activity that best fits your athletic profile.

5) Find the right rhythm

To get real results, how often should I train? The answer is unanimous: If I want to achieve my athletic goal, I should train at least twice a week, ideally three times, for one hour. If you're

 worried about not having time to go to the gym, train at home: head over to the Domyos Coach section of to discover live fitness classes and training programs.

6) Keep your feet on the ground

Keep in mind that immediate results cannot be expected. Be patient and don't set the standards too high, set goals based on your physical condition. Don't skip steps and do things in order. For example: my

 goal is to lose 10 kg, I put 2 kg in the first month and no more. Do not put your health at risk, resume gradually. Set up a smooth recovery program, alternating recovery times, without rushing. Not forgetting to offer you a restful sleep that guarantees you the best shape!

For seniors, follow the tips for a smooth return to sports.

7) Enjoy the correct return

Remember to stay hydrated while training, it is important! Proper hydration provides the nutrients needed for proper muscle function and encourages the recovery process. Above all, stay focused and

 manage your training in relation to your physical abilities, not those of your neighbor. At the end of the session, do not forget about the cool-down phase: breathe deeply and calmly, walk for a few minutes and finish with the stretching exercises.

8) Stay mobile

If you decide to resume physical activity, it is always motivating to meet as a couple or with friends or family. Exercising together means cheering each other on while enjoying workout sessions like real

 dates. It becomes easier to maintain balance to resume sports and thus to forget about effort. The ideal is to work in pairs with someone whose physical condition is close to yours.

9) Eat Smart

Exercising is good, but on condition that you review your lifestyle and therefore your diet! For a balanced diet, there are some basic rules: - Do not miss meals, eat in the morning and noon

and evening.

Snack: a compote, fruit, or cereal bar

- Balanced plate 100%: 1/3 of starchy foods (pasta and rice), 1/3 of proteins (fish, eggs, meat), 1/3 of vegetables.

- Zero frustration: a small gap from time to time doesn't hurt, balance is achieved over time... (so for gourmets, yes for a small square of chocolate, reasonably).

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