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Ascendant: imaginary stationary bikes in Quebec

 Ascendant: imaginary stationary bikes in Quebec

Whether due to lack of time or motivation, gym membership often becomes a rather lucrative expense.

In this case, it can be interesting to invest smarter in sports equipment in order to move around in the comfort of your own home.

A brand new company in Quebec wants to help Quebecers get themselves ready without having to spend thousands of dollars to buy a device.

Currently, the gym equipment collection consists of two models of exercise bikes priced at $399 or $499 and three models of foldable treadmills ranging from $499 to $1199.

For bikes, the Ascend SE operates using a classic resistance friction system while the Ascend SE Magnetic offers a more refined experience because its magnetic resistance is virtually silent. It also has a more advanced screen and is offered in matte black or white.

On the other hand, folding treadmills differ mainly in speed, weight and price. The X1 and X2 models reach a top speed of 12 km/h and 14 km/h respectively and can support a maximum of 210 lbs and 245 lbs. The X3 can reach a speed of 16 km/h and support 280 lbs. It also has an automatic inclination of up to 15% and a wider belt for added comfort.

So there are equipment options for all budgets and levels. Ascend products are also imagined in Quebec - but nonetheless developed internationally - which helps keep the price down. However, delivery

 is free and fast. The website says orders are typically processed within two business days and shipped in only one to four days in Quebec and Ontario, but may take longer for the rest of Canada.

Ascend intends to add other types of equipment to its offering in the coming months. On the site you can already see a tab for rowing machines, which provide a great cardio workout!


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