8 steps to start the day right

8 steps to start the day right

Imagine that you are sitting at your desk on Monday morning and before you open your inbox, you have already finished the most important tasks you had to do. Whether you're working on a project

 close to your heart or doing a workout, focus fully on yourself. How would you feel? Pride and grandeur as if you can move mountains. Your morning routine determines your motivation and productivity throughout the day.

Not a secret! Books like Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod, or The 5 AM Club, by Robin Sharma, all show that using the early hours of the day not only increases your productivity but also your success in life. Early awakening, meditation, coaching and coaching are just some of the ideas the authors gave to their readers.

do not worry ! Having a healthy morning routine doesn't mean getting up at 5 a.m. to drink a green juice. It is important to find a personal routine that matches your goals and priorities in life.

 Imagine that every day you are given a watch as a gift: what will you do at this time? We show you 8 steps that will help you create

 the perfect morning routine for you. Don't count the different ideas being put forward as static, but let yourself be inspired by them. What can help you not lose your focus in the morning? Our daily routine + focus.

1. Go ahead

Your plan to start the day may be perfect, but you should still get out of bed in the morning. The foundations of a successful morning routine were laid the night before. Make sure your sleep is restored. The following tips can improve your sleep quality:

Avoid light before bed: Blue light rays from cell phones, tablets, and other devices affect the sleep-wake cycle by delaying the production of the sleep hormone. A 2015 Norwegian study surveyed 10,000 young adults, and also found that mobile phone use before bed was associated with less restful sleep.

Choose an appropriate intensity: Right before you go to bed, do a yoga or meditation session instead of a sweaty HIIT. Intense training causes the production of endorphins and dopamine and alters body temperature. The result ? Your body stays awake instead of resting.

Eat light foods: Before going to bed, make sure to eat easy-to-digest snacks. This way, your body is not overexcited and can focus on regeneration processes while you sleep.

2. Choose your own pace

It doesn't matter if your day starts at 5 AM or 7 AM. It's important to set enough time for all the elements of your morning routine. Try it over time, because dedicating an entire hour to it in the morning isn't

 worth everyone. Also pay attention to how you feel after the routine. Does it bring you closer to your goal or does it cause you stress? Remember, too, that the morning routine that works today may not work tomorrow. Be flexible, open, honest, and leave room for change.

3. Make your bed

This is the first task of your day that you can do in no time. If you make your bed as soon as you wake up, also make sure you don't go back to bed.

4. Drink water

In order for your body to function at full capacity throughout the day, it is important to supply it with water, especially after sleep. So, for example, drink lemon water with ginger or unsweetened tea, and incorporate this into your morning routine.

5. Prepare a healthy breakfast

A healthy, balanced breakfast is the key to a morning full of motivation and productivity. Combine complex carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins by eating the freshest ingredients. For example, how about a delicious chocolate porridge with caramelized bananas?

6. Live in the moment

Everything is still silent, no phone rings, no one is waiting for an email from you. An early morning is ideal to thoroughly enjoy this tranquility. Take a few minutes and be present in the present moment, without doing anything. If you find it difficult to stop for a short time, try doing a breathing exercise or meditation.

7. Set an intention for your day

How active would you like to spend the day? Intention is the goal that guides your consciousness. We recommend that you write your intent, for example at the top of your to-do list.

Here are some examples of possible intent:

I set my limits.

I approach the day with optimism.

I act bravely to get close to my goal.


8. Work on your ultimate goals

In addition to the job that keeps us busy from 9 am to 5 pm, and our private lives, it often seems impossible for us to work on our personal goals. Do you want to train, work on improving your fitness, or read more? So your morning routine is the perfect time to work on the projects you care about. 

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