8 really effective weight loss tips

 8 really effective weight loss tips

Instead of relying on your favorite delivery service, rely on freshly cooked food, walk and leave your car (you won't find a parking space anyway), and follow a workout routine that includes a varied

 mix of strength and endurance sessions. Do you know the basics of losing weight but still not able to lose weight? Don't worry, we are going to give you 8 really effective weight loss tips.

Your last challenge is finding a healthy alternative to sugary snacks? Our high quality protein snacks are perfect for travel.

chew well

Simple advice makes all the difference. A 2019 study published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology showed that careful and slow chewing made you feel full faster. The research

 team concluded that calorie intake is lower throughout the day. why ? Since your focus is entirely on chewing, you focus on eating the actual food and not on the goal of losing weight. Find out how to eat using your five senses and the mistakes to avoid in our article on mindful eating.

Leave the sugar

More specifically to added sugars such as glucose and white sugar, which are mainly found in finished products, soft drinks or sweets. The World Health Organization recommends that the share of these

 "free sugars" should not be more than 10% of the total daily energy intake. This recommendation is justified by the increased risk of obesity due to increased consumption of sugar. You can find out why sugar causes fat-burning cravings in our article Insulin - the main blood sugar hormone.

Just as interesting: What foods are sugar-free?

Be honest with yourself

A handful of nuts on your way to dinner or a piece of dessert between breakfast and your next meeting. Before you know it, you've eaten 600 calories more or less. A 2018 study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports that people generally

 tend to underestimate actual food intake. We advise you to keep an overview. A food diary not only helps you keep track of your calories, but also helps you identify the reasons why you are eating

 (eg hunger, frustration, boredom, etc.). Don't worry, you won't spend all of your days writing. In order to better understand your current eating habits, it is important that you take notes for one day as an example.

Figure shots

Our figure shots make it easy to lose weight. It is based on glucomannan, which is extracted from the konjac root. The vegetable fiber absorbs water and is the latest weight loss tip from foodpring. How it works ? Dissolve the powder in water and drink it three times daily before a meal. It expands in the stomach, which reduces your appetite. ¹

Adjusts energy needs

Once you lose weight, your energy needs decrease. So it is possible that you no longer suffer from impotence. So check your energy needs regularly with our calorie calculator and adjust if necessary.

stress reduction

You are the private party sequence, and you also want to reconnect with your grandmother and at the same time, the tasks follow each other at work. In 2015, the Sleep Science Journal published a global

 overview of sleep studies and showed the link between stress, poor sleep and obesity. Thus, an excess of cortisol also puts the body in an emergency situation causing it to accumulate its reserves for its

 survival. Excess stress can prevent you from losing weight. So be sure to give yourself plenty of rest, breaks, and recovery time. How about a breathing exercise to relax?

Make sure you sleep well

We all go through this thing: After short nights, cravings for junk food and sweets are hard to control, right? If you don't sleep well, you will feel more hungry and hungry. Various studies on sleep

 attribute this phenomenon to an increase in the hunger hormone in the body, which is accompanied by a simultaneous decrease in the satiety hormone. Snack cravings surprise you? So always keep protein balls on hand.

Focus on a long-term approach rather than a fast diet

luck! No need to get lost in the jungle of information about the best diets to lose weight. exactly the contrary ! Because the best diet is not to do that. Strict eating habits featuring taboos often only have

 short-term success. An Israeli study published in 2015 asserts that there is no standard solution. Instead, the most important weight loss tip is to find a strategy that fits your lifestyle so you can implement it now and forever.

Also remember that not all tips are right for everyone: everyone is different, and so is the path to your ideal weight. If you feel that you are in a circle, we recommend that you consult a professional.

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