8 best bodybuilding exercises to burn calories

 8 best bodybuilding exercises to burn calories

I know you like this type of article for two reasons:

- the required information is quickly found, because the topic is very simple (but nevertheless interesting)

- It is very easy to read the article in the form of a rating.

And I know you're curious to know what burns the most energy in bodybuilding, so you can optimize your training to burn the most calories.

All this with one and the same goal: preparing your "summer body" for your fast-approaching summer vacation.

Today you are spoiled because, to put the odds on your side, I chose not 5, 6 ... but 8 exercises to put maximum energy into your workouts!

So watch out, take notes while we're out!

How do you know if exercise burns a lot of calories?

I know, I know, explanations do not interest you, you want to go directly to the choice of exercises ... But before that, you need to understand why you made these choices.

 Don't worry, it will only last a few seconds! ;)

In your opinion, what primarily determines the energy expenditure of exercise?

Is this the speed it can run? The intensity that we can put there?

So yes, these parameters do enter into the equation, but only after the exercise is chosen. What interests us is the previous step: choose the exercises that burn the most calories by employment.

To do this, you must first reinforce multi-joint exercises.

What poly exercises?

You probably don't know it, but there are two categories of exercises:

Unilateral joint exercises → only one joint moves to perform the movement (for example, biceps twists, where only the elbow is in motion)

Multi-joint exercises → at least two joints move to perform the movement (as with squats, where the hip, knee and ankle are monopolized)

Of course, if more joints are used, there will inevitably be more muscle being recruited and therefore much more energy being expended. This is why it is essential to reinforce multi-joint exercises.

Muscle size is also important. The bigger the muscle, the more energy it will expend.

The quadriceps will use infinitely more energy than, say, the biceps.

This is one of the reasons why training the legs is so demanding: the amount of work during the session is enormous and most of the muscles that work are large.

Since you now know how to choose exercises with the goal of expending energy, I will list 8 exercises that fully respect this goal!

The 8 exercises that burn the most calories in bodybuilding

1- Deadlift

One of the most popular exercises in bodybuilding (all disciplines combined) and perhaps one of the most poorly performed.

Personally, it's one of my favorite moves, so much so that I put it back on my program a few weeks ago.

It fulfills all the necessary conditions for energy expenditure, namely:

High muscle work

Focus on several huge muscles

- Great employment of every muscle group worked

An advantage that can also be a disadvantage if you are not attentive enough: you can gain a lot of strength in a very short time in this exercise, thus spending more energy. On the other hand, your execution may suffer and greatly increase the risk of infection.

So be very attentive to your execution technique, especially if you increase the intensity to generate more energy expenditure.

2- squatting

The classic, which has proven itself many times for muscle hypertrophy, but also for burning calories. And yes, squatting isn't just there to gain muscle! I don't know if you did squats in a series of 15 or even 20...believe me, the cardiovascular effect there would be, a real nightmare!

Like the deadlift, the squat works the entire body intensely, with too much emphasis on the lower body, which is a huge waste of energy.

Since the movement is also very technical, pay close attention to your execution and coordination of the movements.

To increase muscle recruitment in this exercise and expend more energy, I advise you to incorporate the pace that does not leave time at the top of the movement, so that you are in constant tension and therefore just stop. Once you reach iteration: results guaranteed! ;)

3- Hygiene and journalism

You may not know it yet it is terribly effective!

It's an exercise that offers a wide range of motion, and it recruits lots of different muscle groups.

It combines two types of movements: pulling and developing movement, which perfectly touch the deltoid, enveloping the trunk and, to a lesser extent, the lower body at the beginning and reception.

So not only will your shoulders burn, but your heart rate will absolutely accelerate.

Plus, it's an excellent exercise to put the rhythm into your session!

To perform this movement well and thus be able to put on top speed, I advise you to keep the bar closest to the body, by performing a pull-up on the first part of the exercise and not an inverted curl.

4- Withdrawals

Yes I know: a very hard workout...

In fact, it is not given to everyone to be able to lift weights, especially in bodybuilding. On the other hand, if this exercise is too difficult, there is a reason!

Lifting one's weight requires significant muscle recruitment and incredible strength.

The number of muscle groups used is also huge, pull-ups work the entire back, as well as many deep muscles that fix the trunk.

Besides, the structure of the pull-ups makes it possible to quickly perform a series of iterations and thus increase the intensity, which is very interesting from the point of view of energy expenditure.

Therefore, if you are able, I highly advise you to incorporate it into your training program to take your intensity to the next level!

5- Row the curved statue

A somewhat surprising choice you would say? Rowing from a bent position is not necessarily a "basic" exercise like pull-ups.

But frankly, I think that it is still one of the most complete and effective movements for the work of the whole body, with a clear focus on the muscles of the back and this for two reasons:

- It is a multi-joint exercise that remains fundamental in its implementation: apart from the possible difficulty in keeping your back straight in such an exercise, the movement remains very simple in general; You just have to pull the tape at the level of the abdomen.

- Recruiting the entire back chain is maximal: So actually, the back is the main target of the curved row, but have you ever thought about the lower body? In order for the weight of the bar not to drift too far,

 you will have to flex your glutes, hamstrings, or calves from the beginning to the end of the movement. Besides, packaging also plays a very important role.

After reading all the benefits of such an exercise, I think you understand my choice better now, right? So you don't have to doubt anymore, add it directly to one of your sessions to get the most out of it. Calories!

6- Burpee

Since I gave you one of the exercises I love so much, let me introduce you to one I hate. For me, Burpee is an absolute nightmare!

As you may have noticed, this exercise is incredibly intense.

On the other hand, because it raises the heart rate by leaps and bounds, which effectively stimulates the cardiovascular system. On the other hand, because it monopolizes too many muscle groups at once.

It may be difficult to master at first, but once this learning step is complete, it will allow you to intensify your sessions as much as possible, to the point of improving your physical condition in a very short time and burning a large number of calories.

So, if you're not afraid to struggle to reach your goal, Burpees will be one of the best ways to expend as much energy as possible!

7- Pushers

Like defences, thrusters are part of this category of exercises from disciplines such as cross-training, where the key word is 'intensity'.

If you haven't done push-ups before, prepare yourself psychologically before your first session... More seriously, for Burpees, the difficulty lies in the fact of quickly linking two energy-intensive moves: the squat and the shoulder press.

When mastery of movement is gained, it also makes it possible to chain repetitions very quickly, making it a very intense exercise.

Sheathing is essential to maintaining your posture and transferring force from the first movement to the second, and it's also something that takes a lot of energy.

So I obviously recommend it 200%. If you survive Burpees, you will also survive impulses, trust me! ;)

8- Jump Boxes

And lastly, “last but not least” as our English-speaking friends say (meaning last but not least): a jumping box is a move that can be quite formidable to expend energy!

Plyometric movements such as the jump box have the peculiarity of being very effective when it comes to increasing your heart rate, as the principle of plyometrics is to store as much energy as possible and then release it.

As a result, this allows you to maintain a very high execution rate to quickly increase the intensity of your session.

You can also change the difficulty of the exercise, by setting the box higher and higher! Watch out for shins, especially after a lot of accumulated fatigue. ;)

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