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7 ideas for activity this summer

 7 ideas for activity this summer

Training doesn't just happen in the gym! With a little imagination, a family outing or a game of blackjack can turn into a workout. Because our garden is full of possibilities, we bring you seven physical activities to get in shape without sweating too much!

balance board

This small working tool may seem trivial, but it is very demanding. It will appeal to, among other things, fans of skateboard sports such as rolling, paddleboarding, surfing or skateboarding, but also hockey players and yogis.

How it works? We put the board perpendicular to the cylinder and try to keep our balance. Stoppers are installed at the ends of the body of the drum brake. Once you master this technique, hundreds of exercise possibilities are available to you!

Plank training allows you to work on balance, motor skills and proprioception, while strengthening the abdominal girdle and stabilizing the muscles. Various models and sizes are handcrafted in Quebec.


Urban gymnastics or gymnastics exercises are very popular on YouTube, and they are gaining more and more followers. This physical activity is available to everyone, especially those interested in strength training and gymnastics.

The exercises are performed using body weight, both on the floor and with a barbell. Isometrics require strength, elongated supports on the hands, like a human flag, while freestyle, on the other hand, connects movements to the bar in a more dynamic way.

To support us, the outdoor units for children are ideal, as are the facilities in some parks. Moreover, we see the emergence of more and more places dedicated to gymnastics exercises, especially in Quebec.


As its name suggests, this activity is inspired by the traditional card game, but each symbol represents an exercise. Ainsi, il est possible d'associer le trèfle à la pompe (push-up), le pique à l'appui facial avec projection des jambes en arrière (burpee ), le cœur à la flexion des jambes, et le carreau au redressement assis , for example.

A family member shuffles the playing cards and each player takes turns drawing. If the first player draws eight teams, he must perform eight press passes. Then, if the second player gets two of spades, he

 makes two face jams, and so on. However, if a family member draws Jack, all the boys participating in the activity must complete the challenge set by the girls, and vice versa if someone draws a lady. Regarding the king, this figure allows the family to conduct a group exercise.

To interest young children, we make the exercises fun by giving them animal or heroic qualities. We do frog jumps, we walk like a bear (bear crawl), you balance like Superman and bend your knees like a duck.

Creative hiking

It is possible to turn an ordinary family outing in the neighborhood into a very interesting impromptu circuit. Creative walking is not very complicated per se. Just start walking then, at every point, intersection, red light or other element that allows us to mark the way, we take a break for weight training.

One family member then presents a challenge to the others: Run on the spot, performing 20 star hops (jump hops), 10 leg bends (squats) or 15 lunges. Once the challenge is complete, the hike continues and at the next stop a new family member selects the next challenge.

It is also possible to go hiking in the forest by spotting the elements of nature every 5 or 10 minutes, for example.


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) consists of intense exercise performed over very short periods of time, alternating with periods of recovery or moderate exercise. Sessions are very short. It usually lasts 10 to 30 minutes. The exercises are usually repeated 6 to 10 times each.

"The effort time should be greater than the rest time. It's a ratio of about two to one, in order to increase heart rate and muscle

 engagement. We choose, for example, 30 seconds of leg curls, 30 seconds of lunges and 20 seconds of rest." "From the moment it's structure, and time for effort and rest, it becomes HIIT," coach Galdrick Baissett explains.

You can jog on the spot, climb the steps of the back porch, and do facial supports with legs dropped backwards. Furthermore, to help us choose our exercises, simply type “HIIT session” into our search engine. We discover a collection of motivational videos.

Obstacle course

Our garden is a real Ali Baba's cave full of items that can turn it into an obstacle course. All you need is a little imagination and some safe stuff at your fingertips.

Thus, two chairs glued together could form a tunnel to pass through, a shovel handle to become a rod to jump over, and a half-timber (“two by four”) to serve as a beam to walk on and improve our balance. The possibilities are limitless.

You can work on cardiovascular skills, strength, endurance, and gross motor skills in both parent and child. In short, says kinesiologist Katherine Jervis, you can do whatever you want.

horizontal bar (booty bar)

Ballet enthusiasts who want to perform cardiovascular exercises while limiting jumps or challenging impacts on the joints will appreciate the horizontal bar. This type of physical activity combines postural alignment, Pilates, yoga and the dynamism of dance movements.

NO NEED FOR A BAR: A deck chair, chair or fence can wake the sleeping ballerina in us. "There's a lot of tension in the hips, lower back, and glutes. Because we're sitting for so long, our glutes are under-tensioned and underused. It's a great way to get them working," says Galdrick Baissett.

People who are more motivated can add weights and rubber bands. The tape allows us to improve our flexibility and develop our muscles, including the abdominal muscles. Beachbody notably

 created the Barre Blend program, accessible from their site, and which can be performed from the comfort of a home. There are also YouTube videos, just to get inspired.


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