5 surprising reasons why swimming is good for you

 5 surprising reasons why swimming is good for you

The first outdoor pools will open soon and the lakes will slowly reach their ideal temperature. If that's not a reason to dress up in a bikini or swim trunks, is it? Swimming is one of the healthiest sports.

 If you have been avoiding water yet, you will be motivated to start swimming training at the latest after reading this article. Here we give you five compelling arguments to take the initiative!

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1- Swimming strengthens all muscle groups

The one thing most professional swimmers have in common is great muscle. V-shaped backs, strong chocolate bars and powerful thighs make their bodies so beautiful, and all this despite the fact that when swimming, you work only with your weight - and with your own weight. "water!

In the pond, you have to fight a stiff resistance to move forward. Your arms and legs, in particular, are active all the time, but your core, the muscles in your midsection, should be actively working as well. Swimming is the perfect sport to strengthen your muscles from head to toe.

Which muscle groups are trained in order of priority depends on your swimming style. Breaststroke is useful for the muscles of the chest, shoulders, arms and thighs. The front crawl mainly strengthens

 the arms, shoulders and core, while the back crawl strengthens the core and back muscles. So it is in your best interest to change your swimming style regularly.

2 - Swimming is gentle on the joints

If you suffer from joint and back problems, swimming is for you. Under water, body contact is reduced by 90%. Natural buoyancy

 relaxes your intervertebral discs, tendons, and ligaments, so you can not only exercise without symptoms, but also relieve pain. Because by swimming, you strengthen your core muscles.

Do you often suffer from back pain? Do not forget to train your back muscles regularly, among other things. This is our recommended reading: 8 exercises to strengthen your back

3- Swimming burns a lot of calories

Swimming is one of the most effective weight loss exercises. Why ? When you train in the water, the corresponding calorie expenditure increases dramatically. Firstly, this is due to the temperature

 difference, which the body has to compensate with energy. At the same time, you have to constantly fight the resistance, which itself is exhausting and consumes the energy of the body.

Depending on the technique used, swimming burns between 200 and 500 calories per hour. It's like an intense sprint, but a lot gentler on the joints!

4 - Swimming strengthens the cardiovascular system

Regular swimming training not only moves the glutes and biceps, but also the heart muscle, which has a positive effect on increasing the efficiency of your muscles in general.

This is due to the fact that the pressure under the water is higher, and, accordingly, the blood vessels narrow. The heart has to pump harder to pump enough blood through the body with each beat. If you swim regularly, your heart size will increase, and your heart rate will decrease at the same time.

5- Swimming trains the ability to breathe well

Breathing is an underrated tool at our disposal to reduce stress, relieve stress, and help our bodies rejuvenate on a daily basis. Swimming is the perfect sport to improve your breathing, because

 you should train with a regular, calm breathing rhythm. This can have a lasting positive effect on your physical and mental health.

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