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5 effective exercises that require less effort

 5 effective exercises that require less effort

No need to sign up for a marathon or go for a run on the treadmill at the gym.

We offer you a way to move around without much effort. The goal is not to lose weight, but simply to get your body moving and moving.

Here are 5 foolproof exercises you can do even on your laziest days.

1. Stretching

As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, move your body to wake you up. Stretch while you're in bed to wake up every cell in your body by starting with your arms and then moving them from side to side. Then think about the legs and torso.

2. Jumping cranes

Get your blood pumping and your heart energized with four sets of 20 jumps. Repeat the sequence later in the afternoon if you wish. That's 5 minutes in your day.

3. Boards

The plank is a great low-intensity exercise that works the whole body. Starting on your forearms or hands, lift your body off the floor, creating a firm line from the top of your head to your feet. Be careful, keep your navel tight to your ribs, to work your muscles.

4. Jump in place / Run in place

Racing can be very intimidating. Get a cardio workout by running or jumping in place. This movement doesn't require a great deal of coordination, but it can make your heart beat faster and cause you to sweat.

Little Trick: Working remotely during a meeting (without a camera), this is the best time to try it.

5. Play your favorite song and create a choreography

If you're looking to burn off energy quickly and refuel with serotonin, play your favorite song, clear a corner of your living room, and give it your all. Dancing is a great way to get your body

 moving and energetic. Start or end your day with a dance moment that puts you in a good mood while making you expend your energy.


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