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3 exercises to increase your self-confidence

Having self-confidence and a strong “I” is not the result of chance but the result of hard work. Only people who know and appreciate their qualities are satisfied with them and make them known. We are often tougher on ourselves than others and focus on our weaknesses.

No need for perfectionism and constant comparisons with colleagues or friends! Listen to yourself: This will help you build your confidence. Find out in this article how to build your confidence, plus three exercises to get started right away.

What is self confidence?

Did you know? According to numerous studies, one third of an individual's personality and the resulting self-confidence are genetically determined. This means that two-thirds of your mentality and will are in your hands, no matter what your genes dictate.

"You can do whatever you want to do. You can be whatever you want to be," said American motivational coach David Thomas.

But what does self-confidence really mean? The term already carries the interpretation in itself. Having self-confidence means that you have confidence in yourself and in your strengths and abilities. Self-confidence is the basis of an individual's self-confidence.

Children who are not responsible or whose parents do not trust them find it difficult to develop self-confidence. But experiencing failure as an adult is also a potential source of low self-confidence. Lack of

 self-confidence is characterized by feeling anxious or having negative thoughts about one's future. In the same way, we remember our failures, begin to rummage and imagine the worst possible scenarios.

But instead of ruminating on negative thoughts, ask yourself why you think so. It's time to listen to yourself and find out what really sets you apart and how polarizing you are.

We always tend to follow our inner voice but it is not always good for us. She often appears when something is wrong and then does not hold a kind word for us: “Drop the second bar of chocolate”, “Pay

 attention to your weight a little”, “You won’t make it!”, She laughs. Target ? Our self esteem! So how do you now get out of the vicious circle of self-doubt? We have 3 exercises to offer you to train and strengthen your confidence in order to develop more motivation and courage.

Get more self-confidence: 3 powerful exercises

1. Maintain good posture

You can gain confidence by standing straight and strengthening your posture. Observe your posture for a while. This little check will prevent you from falling into old habits patterns.

Exercise "Stand straight in the face of life"

Here's how to do it: Imagine a third eye on your chest that wants to look up. Try to lower your shoulder blades and feel the pride you feel standing up straight. Building self-confidence is not that difficult.

Find out more: Want to learn more about the effect of upright posture and the exercises you can do to improve it in a targeted way? Then check out our article Correct Your Posture: 8 Exercises to Stand Up Straight.

2. Don't be afraid to make mistakes

Accept the mistakes you have made. Mistakes are part of life: knowledge is one of the essential skills to progress on the path to increasing self-confidence. Learn that making mistakes is a step forward. If you have always lived with the fear of making a mistake, you will never go overboard to dare something new.

30-second countdown exercise

This trick is especially effective in difficult situations. Whatever your challenge, whether it's a job interview, a meeting with your boss, or an important presentation: Calm your breathing. To do this, inhale

 deeply and count slowly in descending order of 30. Exhale slowly at the same time. You will find that nervousness decreases and more self-confidence will be emitted.

3. Setting goals

Setting goals is an integral part of moving forward on the path to success. All beginnings are tough, but we like to go the path of least resistance. Start by setting small, achievable goals. Every success and every failure happens to build self-confidence and motivation.

Courage booster exercise

Stand up straight and state your strengths out loud in a clear way. Practice in front of the mirror and see if anything changes in you. Do you look convincing? Do words easily come out of your mouth? Intentionally speaking out loud builds self-confidence.

The way you talk about yourself and with yourself also plays an important role. Language affects your perception, the way you see yourself, and therefore your self-esteem. The more you tell yourself

 you can't do something, the more you will believe it. Avoid negative wording. Pay attention to the choice of words you use and the construction of your sentences. Focus on the positive things to build your confidence in a targeted manner.

To find out more: Need a little help setting goals? How about the WOOP method? This motivational strategy will help you achieve your desires in a targeted manner. For concrete advice, read our article: The WOOP Method: An Excellent Way to Achieve Your Goals! .

3 Powerful Self-Confidence Exercises: Our Conclusion

We are not born with strong self-confidence. You have to learn and train yourself to be more confident in yourself. Internally strong people trust their own strengths. Gaining motivation and self-confidence makes you feel better. Not only do you love your body

 more, but you also laugh more, in short, you shine! Being confident in yourself and setting goals strengthens your "me" in the short and long term. You will be amazed at how you can boost your confidence with simple exercises. 


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