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14 slimming tips and tricks to lose weight quickly and well

 14 slimming tips and tricks to lose weight quickly and well

In this article, we have compiled the 14 best practical weight loss tips and tricks just for you. You will discover everything you need to know to achieve your slimming goal.

First of all, here is a practical advice for losing weight: if you want to reduce your weight, the basis is a lack of calories and a balanced diet. Do you have a stressful daily life and do not always have time to prepare balanced meals? Complete your meal plan with Shape Shake 2.0. This will cut calories while still getting the best ingredients*.

Slimming Tip #1: Consume fewer calories than you burn during the day

To lose weight, you must consume fewer calories than you expend during the day. There is no other solution. In fact, the body should not utilize its energy reserves unless there is a caloric deficit, i.e. pulling on fat rolls.

Tip #1 for weight loss:

Calculate your daily calorie needs with our free calorie calculator. Then download a free app and enter everything you consume during the day.

Weight loss tip #2: Eat foods that are high in volume and low in calories

Losing weight is definitely not fun if you are constantly hungry. By choosing the right foods, do not starve yourself.

Tip #2 for weight loss:

Various vegetables such as cucumber, zucchini, spinach or broccoli not only provide vitamins and minerals, but are also high in fiber and low in calories. Potatoes are also an excellent accompaniment as part of a slimming diet. Cottage cheese, fish, and lean meats are also low in calories and provide an extra portion of protein.

With our Bodycheck, you'll get the right recipes for free, as well as training and nutrition recommendations that will help you achieve your goal.

Slimming Tip #3: Eat with care

We often unconsciously eat while working in our office or watching a series. When we do this, we don't realize how much we are eating. We don't even realize that we're swallowing food, and we don't know if we've been chewing it enough.

Tip #3 for weight loss:

Take a break for your meal. Eat carefully. Look carefully at your plate before eating it. Smell it and focus entirely on the taste. Likewise, you can pay attention to how many times you chew each bite before swallowing it.

Slimming Tip #4: Don't drink calories

One of the best weight loss tips is not to eat calories while drinking. Juices, lemonade, and especially alcohol are high in calories.

Tip #4 for weight loss:

If you are one of those people who don't drink water at all, change the habit gradually. For example, dilute your smoothies with sparkling water to make them fizzy, switch to the lighter version of soft drinks or drink the tea you prefer even without added sugar.

Slimming Tip #5: Develop healthy eating habits

To lose weight, habits can be your best friend or, conversely, your worst enemy. Bad eating habits make you eat a lot of "bad" food and you don't do it on purpose because you do it unconsciously - out of habit, specifically.

Tip #5 for weight loss:

Change your eating habits one by one. Do you like to eat on toast? So, switch to whole wheat bread and a protein spread, with less fat and carbs, but more protein—it's just as delicious.

Slimming Tip #6: Give up harsh diets

Fast diets are only beneficial as long as you follow them. The problem is that you will stop dieting sooner or later. Then it has a yo-yo effect and your body stores every gram of fat it can get.

Tip #6 for weight loss:

Develop as many healthy eating habits as possible. You will lose weight automatically without it costing you energy.

Slimming Tip #7: Prefer 'slow carbs' over 'low carbs'

A low-carb diet is a diet in which you consume very few carbohydrates. At the same time, increase your consumption of proteins and fats. But as with other diets, there comes a time when

 you go back to your old eating habits. When your body receives carbohydrates again, it stores them as quickly as possible. The yoyo effect is the result.

Tip #7 for weight loss:

A long-term solution may be to switch to slow carbohydrates found in whole grain foods. They also contain more fiber.

Slimming Tip #8: Eat regularly

If you eat at regular times, you will find that you will know exactly when you feel hungry at some point. You now know which foods fill you up more or less for the long haul. You also know the foods that give you strength and energy and those that, on the contrary, make you tired and lazy.

Tip #8 for weight loss:

If you have a flextime job and can't eat regularly, eat at set times before and after work. During labour, you will only consume a set number of calories.

Weight loss tip #9: Replace unhealthy snacks with healthy alternatives

Do you still think losing weight and eating healthy is synonymous with giving up? This is far from the case. If you know what good snacks and recipes are, you can keep snacking for fun while saving yourself calories.

Tip #9 for weight loss:

Swap out sugary candy bars for an alternative that's high in protein and fiber. Our protein candy bars contain 90% less sugar for 8 times more protein and fiber.

Slimming Tip #10: Do more exercises every day

The more you move, the more blood circulation is stimulated. Thus, calorie expenditure increases even without exercise, which will allow you to lose weight faster.

Tip #10 for weight loss:

Set yourself strict rules. Say goodbye to escalators. You will only take the elevator if you have to walk more than four floors. For short trips, you will move on foot and now do your little errands by bike.

Find out more: Find out here how to burn more calories every day.

Slimming Tip #11: Find the exercise you love

Moving in your daily life is a good thing to burn more calories. But by actually exercising, you are taking your metabolism to a whole new level. Depending on the type of sport, you can burn up to 600 calories per hour. Thus, you expend roughly the equivalent of a whole kebab, in terms of calories.

But you don't burn more calories by just exercising. Training increases muscle activity. In doing so, you burn more calories, even while at rest, than people who don't exercise.

Tip #11 for weight loss:

HIIT: The Fat Burning Miracle

HIIT exercises are effective because they are short and allow you to see results quickly. Thanks to the high intensity of these exercises, your pulse reaches its maximum in a very short time. From there, it takes longer to return to normal after a cardio session. So you burn more calories after several hours of exercise.

Heart: lasting success

Cardio exercises have always been considered the most effective way to get your body in shape. But we now know that HIIT and bodybuilding are just as effective. However, the big advantage of cardio training is that you train at a relatively low intensity. This makes beginnings very attractive, especially for beginners in the sport.

Bodybuilding: The Secret Trick

Strength exercises not only help you build muscle but also help you lose weight, if combined with the right diet. The best thing is that weight training sculpts your body and also increases your basal

 metabolism. The more muscle mass you have, the more energy you burn daily. Complex core exercises like squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, and bench presses train the entire muscular chain and are a true calorie killer.

Read more: 5 Reasons Why Strength Training Can Help You Lose Weight

Club sport: do what you love

Club sports are an inexpensive but great way to get fit. Just try a different sport until you find one you really like. Then you will not have to force yourself to go to training.

Slimming Tip #12: Avoid Unnecessary Calories

As you've already noticed, it's not about constantly depriving yourself of weight loss. It is crucial to have a regimen that allows you to avoid unnecessary calories and maintain a calorie deficit.

Tip #12 for weight loss:

Avoid calories without depriving yourself. Stevia, for example, has 0 calories and is as sweet as traditional table sugar.

Slimming Tip #13: Balance is the key

What's the point of having a dream body if in return you can't eat what you want again? Exactly: nothing. That's why we don't recommend that you stop some foods completely or give them up for

 good. A balanced diet includes not only foods rich in nutrients, but also your favorite foods. The important thing is to find balance and eat these foods in moderation.


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