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10 surprising ways to exercise on vacation

10 surprising ways to exercise on vacation

The holidays have finally come, but a guided tour by bus, a festive stay in Mallorca or a sunburn on the beach tires quickly? We can understand this, because many sports enthusiasts would like to keep

 active once on vacation. It is also possible to do this if your friends, spouse or children have other plans. We'll show you how to achieve this in 10 tips.

Also, if you don't want to give up on your protein shake, a trial whey protein pack would be perfect for you. You can put it in any bag and it will provide you with an extra serving of protein for 10 days.

1 - Diving or snorkeling

While your friends or family are lounging on the beach and relaxing, you can actively explore the underwater world. On many coasts, discovering what's underwater is worthwhile, especially for the

 curious. You can start doing breathing exercises a few weeks in advance so that you can hold your breath for as long as possible. Depending on where you are taking your active vacation, you will also find diving schools where you can take courses.

2 - Everything in the water

If the underwater world doesn't particularly appeal to you, there are also quite a few sports that are practiced on the water. In this regard, windsurfing, windsurfing or windsurfing are classics that can make a

 stay on the beach more sporty. You can borrow the equipment you need from local schools. Several courses are also offered. In some bathing lakes, you can also go water skiing or snowboarding. Another possibility, much less expensive, is to improve your swimming style.

3 - The beach has many other things to offer

Whether it is by the sea or the lake, you can spend a sports holiday on the beach or on the beach. Beach volleyball, badminton (badminton), beach soccer, frisbee and many other sports are great

 fun. Most of the time, you just need a ball. If your friends or family don't feel like it, you can also join another group that still needs a player. On the beach, you can also run, ride horses, yacht on the sand, and much more. Learn more about the best activities and snacks for your beach vacation.

4 - The mountain's call

In winter, the mountains show their best slopes for skiers and snowboarders. Snow skiing or cross-country skiing are popular winter sports in the mountains. In the summer, the mountainous

 regions also have a lot to offer sports enthusiasts. Think hiking, running, or rock climbing. If you are going to visit a mountain with the help of a cable car, you can also combine your activity with the

 desires of the vacationers who accompany you: if you want to be active on vacation, take the hiking trail while others take a trolley. Once you reach the top, you can take a short walk together, have a drink in the mountain pastures, or simply enjoy nature.

5- Aim for relaxation through yoga

If you want to combine fitness and relaxation on vacation, then a yoga vacation will be perfect for you. Currently, you can find

 complete yoga excursions. You can also put a yoga towel in your bag and download an online class in advance. This way, you can start each day off actively with a yoga session and then follow your regular vacation program for the rest of the day.

6 - Cycling or cycling at a leisurely pace

Not all bike tours are created equal. You can plan a long bike path and spend each night in a different place. You can choose long distances on flat ground, or shorter but more demanding rides. And

 for that, you don't even have to fly. It is very good to explore Germany, Austria, Holland and other neighboring countries by bike.

 In summer, some ski lifts are used for cycling. You can then do the descents on specially designed routes. But beware, this one is only for true adrenaline junkies. Often times, you have the possibility to rent bikes at your hotel or on vacation.

Cycling by rail is an unforgettable experience. Several bikes here make up a trolley on rails. It is usually possible to persuade even non-athletes to participate, and it is also great fun for the kids.

7 - On your paddles, get ready and go

Whether you're near a lake, river, or on the sea, you can hop well into a boat, paddle, or row. Most of the time, you can rent a canoe or kayak without much experience. The stand-up paddle, abbreviated as

 SUP, is also very fashionable. Here you stand on a kind of surfboard and paddle in the water. Even without the paddles, renting a pedal boat can be fun and energizing. And if you really want to go beyond your limits, try to go a little faster than other boats.

8 - Hiking the hiking trails

You can also stay active on vacation if you decide to go on a hiking trail. The well-known roads in Europe are, for example, the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain or Portugal, the Camino de

 Saint-Olav in Norway, the GR221 in Mallorca or the West Highland Way in Scotland. You can also go to Germany, Austria or Switzerland for hiking. Examples include the Westweg in the Black

 Forest or the Rheinsteig along the Rhine. Not to forget the famous GR20 in Corsica. The advantage of hiking trails is that you can walk on them on your own without having to consider the holiday wishes of others. Discover here 5 reasons why you should go hiking. 

9 - Long live the camps

If you want to get fit quickly while on vacation without a lot of planning, choosing a training camp is a good option. It happens within a fixed set, such as a school trip. They exercise together every

 day, often eat together or go on other trips. This possibility is also worth considering if your friends are not particularly interested in an active vacation. In terms of boot camps, different themes are possible, such as CrossFit, stays reserved for women or even detox programs.

10- Reserving a hotel with a gym

When choosing your hotel, make sure that it has a gym that you can use in the early hours of the morning. While others are sleeping, you

 can actually burn off your energy. If you are vacationing in an area where it is hot, it is also coolest in the morning. Perfect for a little exercise on the go. Some hotels also offer special packages that perfectly combine fitness and luxury.


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