Yogurt and pineapple diet for weight loss

 Yogurt and pineapple diet for weight loss

Yogurt and pineapple diet for weight loss, both yogurt and pineapple are foods that support metabolism and burn fat at the same time, but relying only on yogurt and pineapple diet to lose weight, may harm the body without warning.

Yogurt and pineapple for weight loss

According to what the obesity and thinness consultant Dr. Hisham said, it is not forbidden to benefit from yogurt and pineapple within the healthy diet designated by the specialized doctor according to the

 nature of the body and its health condition, as they are foods that are suitable for all age groups without diabetes patients.

Both yoghurt and pineapple contain compounds that are effective in analyzing body fat in general, especially the enzyme bromelain, vitamins, minerals, natural fibers, beneficial

 fats, proteins, carbohydrates, lactic acid, probiotics, which all help curb appetite, increase calorie burning. Thermogenic, breaking up the accumulated body fat, increasing muscle mass in the body.

In addition, it balances the bacteria needed for a healthy digestive system, boosting the health of the immune system during weight loss for all age groups.

Yogurt and pineapple diet for weight loss

Dr. Hisham forbade relying solely on yoghurt and pineapple for weight loss, and warned against exaggerating their intake or following the yoghurt and pineapple diet to lose weight circulating

 through the Internet and social networking sites without consulting the specialist doctor or continuing it for long periods.

In order to avoid adverse results that may affect the body, especially thyroid dysfunction, the body weight will increase twice as much as it was after stopping the unbalanced yoghurt and pineapple diet, whatever their benefits for weight loss.

As for how to use yogurt and pineapple within a healthy diet to lose weight, the following instructions must be followed

Refer to the specialist doctor to choose the appropriate foods for the body according to its nature, health condition, weight loss criteria (weight to be lost, height, age).

Allocate daily servings of yogurt at breakfast as part of the healthy diet followed to lose weight.

Eat one slice of fresh pineapple as a snack with a cup of yogurt between lunch and dinner, without exaggerating the pineapple slices, to avoid diarrhea and vomiting due to the bromelain enzyme found in pineapple.

Rely on brown rice and brown bread while eating yogurt and pineapple within a healthy diet, according to the quantities specified by the specialist doctor.

Allocate moderate amounts of fresh pineapple slices during weight loss, and not juice rich in high calories, or cans that contain a large percentage of preservatives.

Balance the selection of the body's needs of proteins, carbohydrates while eating yogurt and pineapple to lose weight.

It is preferable to rely on Greek or local yogurt with fresh pineapple slices to lose weight.

Allocate a variety of servings of low-calorie fruits and vegetables with yogurt and pineapple for weight loss.

Eliminate the excess and pineapple day after day in the evening meal during weight loss.

Increase water intake and exercise 4 times a week for 20 minutes to lose weight in a healthy, balanced manner.

Finally, both yogurt and pineapple are suitable for healthy diets for all age groups, taking into account their use in a healthy manner within the specified diet without excessive.

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