Video how to do squat exercises for weight loss for beginners at home

 Video how to do squat exercises for weight loss for beginners at home

Who among us does not know squat exercises and their great importance for slimming and losing weight because of their strong impact on the body in burning fat, and their wonderful effectiveness

 for strengthening the main muscles in the lower part of the body, especially the lower back, hips and thighs, in addition to their ability to facilitate digestion and expel toxins and dirt from the body.

Therefore, in the following report and video, we will introduce you to how to do squat exercises to lose weight for beginners at home. Watch the photos and videos that show you the correct postures.

Video of the basic squat exercise

Take a basic squat or squat position, bend your knees and lower slightly towards the floor and bring your buttocks back.

Video of how to do different squat exercises

Follow with us this short and important set of squat exercises for slimming for beginners that only require a little perseverance and commitment.

The new movements are presented in different ways from the traditional squat exercise, and we advise you to add them to your daily schedule, to increase the impact on the different muscles of

 your body and get a perfect body. We guarantee that you will not feel bored in it, but rather a challenge, activity and strength, and you will notice the difference and results after a short period.

Squat Jump

Get into a basic squat position, then jump up and go back to the first movement.

Squat with Side Leg Lift

First take the basic push-up position and rest on the palms of your hands. Press down towards the ground and then raise your body and

 jump forward if you can and take the position of deep squats and put your hands on the ground as the picture shows you.

Plie Squat

Leave a distance between your feet and open your feet wide so that the position of the feet is open to the outside, go down a little as if you are doing the squat movement and focus on your toes only.

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