Tips to follow the French diet to lose weight correctly

 Tips to follow the French diet to lose weight correctly

Tips to follow the French diet to lose weight correctly, getting a slim body and losing weight is something that the vast majority of women

 seek and desire. In order to do this, they try many types of diet, diet and diets until they reach the appropriate diet for them that can achieve their dream.

The French diet points is one of the types of diet and diet that has achieved great success in recent times because it takes into account the balance between nutrients so as not to cause a kind of deprivation and boredom.

Learn more about the French diet and the most important tips to follow to lose weight correctly.

What is the French diet points?

It is a weight control system called Weight Watcher. It provides the body with vitamins, minerals and fibers that contain few calories, and improves the functioning of the digestive system and the feeling of satiety.

The points allowed in this diet are 18/20/22 and are according to weight, age and daily activity.

A person calculates the food he eats in the form of points, and the fewer points the better, as there is a day at the end of the week called “the day of spoiling the diet” when a person is allowed to eat according to the points he obtained during the week.

The method of calculating the points diet varies according to:


Woman = 7 points.

man = 15 points.

the age

12-20 years old = 5 points.

21-35 years old = 4 points.

36-50 years old = 3 points.

51-65 years old = 2 points.

current weight

If the person is of ideal weight = 7 points

If the person is overweight = 5 points


Height less than 161 = 1 point.

Length equal to or more than 161 = 2 points

Physical activity

Office work without movement = . Point.

Light movement = 1 point.

Physical activity = 2 points.

An example of the calculation process in the points diet

If the data is as follows:

woman = 7 points

Age 21-35 = 4 points

Height 167 = 5 points

Weight 80 kg (any extra weight) = 2 points

Hard work = 2 points

The number of points required during the day = 20 points

Tips to follow the French diet to lose weight correctly

Before starting the French points diet, you must go to the doctor and do the necessary tests to know your body mass, weight and burning

 rate. Then, the doctor will award the number of points allowed during the day, and thus you can calculate the number of points for each food item and eat the allowed during the day

A person has to commit to the number of points, and those who follow the French points diet can save points one day in order to consume them on another day.

It is necessary to make sure to exercise that helps tighten the areas, and lose weight. And calculate the sports points and enter them in the table.

List of the most important foods allowed in the French diet points

Lean protein foods.

Carbohydrate-free vegetables.


Foods with healthy fats.

Foods with healthy carbohydrate content.

List of foods that are not allowed in the French diet Points

Sweets and sugars.



Juices with preservatives.

Juices that contain sugars.

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