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Tips to follow before exercising

 Tips to follow before exercising

Aerobic exercise has many health and psychological benefits, as it improves the performance of body functions and helps us reduce our weight and develop our physical skills to maintain the health and agility of the body.

But many people make many mistakes that harm health and avoid getting the desired result from exercise.

Therefore, we present to you below some mistakes that are made before exercising and some important tips to make the most of exercising and to avoid what distracts us from reaching the main goal, which is weight loss.

Eat a healthy meal before exercising

Proper nutrition before exercise plays an important role to enhance performance, make the most of the efforts made in exercise, and prevent feelings of hunger or fatigue. Therefore, you should eat food

 that contains moderate amounts of protein to relieve muscle pain, low in fat and fiber for better digestion, and rich in carbohydrates for energy.

Some of the best examples of healthy meals that can be eaten are bananas, dried fruits, a handful of nuts and raisins, oats, whole wheat bread, and legumes.

Drink the right fluids

Drinking fluids helps you improve your athletic performance and training, so you need adequate fluids and hydration of the body with water before exercise to prevent dehydration, i.e. about 2 to 3 cups of

 water, or you can drink coconut water because it is rich in minerals such as sodium, potassium and magnesium lost during exercise.

And before exercise, avoid drinks that contain milk, fruit juices, soft drinks and sports drinks.

Don't miss the Stretch stage before exercising

Stretching exercises help relax the muscles and reduce the effort before exercising, and contribute to the relaxation of the muscles and increase their flexibility, and it is your key to feeling comfortable and relaxed throughout the day.

Do not miss the following stretching and warm-up exercises to maintain your health and fitness:

first exercise

Stand straight and then lift your left or right foot back along the back area as in the picture.

second exercise

Stand straight, put your hands behind your back and fold your palms together, bend forward towards the bottom of the floor, making sure

 that the bend is from the waist and not from the back. Hold for a few seconds and deepen as you exhale, then keep your back straight while standing.

The third exercise

Take the basic position as in the picture, lower towards the ground, taking the position of the lungs, press your body forward and keep the position for a few seconds and then repeat the exercise with the switch between the feet.

Choosing the right sportswear

The main rule in choosing clothes depends on several factors, foremost of which is the type of sport you are practicing, the amount of effort expended and the weather prevailing in the location of this

 sport. Choose clothes made of fabrics that keep the body dry and make it breathe, and stay away from 100% cotton fabrics that absorb sweat and do not get rid of it and are slow to dry.

Choosing the right shoe

Make sure to choose the right shoe so that you are comfortable during the exercise, so choose the type of high-quality shoe to withstand the hardship of the exercise and provide you with the

 required comfort. Make sure that the shoes are comfortable, well-padded, and help your feet to breathe. Avoid wearing non-guaranteed shoes that make your feet uncomfortable or expose you to the risk of slipping during the exercise, causing injury.


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