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The best exercises to tighten the muscles of the feet and get rid of sagging

 The best exercises to tighten the muscles of the feet and get rid of sagging

Aerobic exercises to tighten the muscles of the feet will help you maintain the appearance of beautiful legs, and avoid the annoying

 problem of sagging, especially in the summer, which requires appearing in a decent appearance and a slim and graceful body.

And since in many cases you may not be able to leave the house to exercise in the gym, especially in this period in light of the spread of the new Corona virus, we would like to share with you in our report

 today 5 of the best exercises that you can do from inside the house for a very short time Do not exceed five minutes, if desired, and target the muscles of the feet.

These exercises bring you amazing results to increase the beauty and femininity of your body and get beautiful legs free of any defects.

first exercise

Carry the weight you want between your hands and under your head. First stand straight, then lower and bend your feet and take a squat position while maintaining the position of your hands, then stand and come back down again several times.

second exercise

First stand up straight, bring your right or left foot back and put it on any step, such as stairs or any other box or small table. Bend the front foot so that it rests on the floor and press up and down toward

 the floor as you are doing the lunges. Return to the first position and repeat the exercise 15 times, alternating between the feet.

The third exercise

Stand facing any box or drawer. Jump and put your feet on the box. Then get down again on the floor and come back and repeat the movement 12 times.

Fourth exercise

Put the ankle on the floor and raise the instep of your foot and go up and down the instep with the implementation of repetitions for five times, 30 times each repetition.

Fifth exercise

First stand up straight and hold the weights in your hands, then bend your arms as you raise the weights toward your shoulders. Take a wide step to the right side, bend the foot that you came forward with

 and extend the second and lower your hands and the weights quietly towards the floor. Return to the standing position and the basic movement and repeat the exercise.


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