The best diet to gain 10 kilos in a month

 The best diet to gain 10 kilos in a month

The best diet to gain weight 10 kilos per month, the equation of weight gain or loss is linked to many diverse criteria, especially genetic factors that may directly affect the thinnest weight in general.

Although many may think that gaining weight is easy, the vital functions of the body and various hormones may play a pivotal role in impeding weight gain and suffering from the problem of being thin on an ongoing basis.

Weight gain 10 kilos per month

According to what the obesity and thinness consultant Dr. Hisham said, it is difficult to define a specific diet for weight gain of 10 kilos per month for all age groups, as the problem of thinness is one of the

 pathological problems associated with genetic history, thyroid gland efficiency, digestive system problems and mental health in general, and thus may control The aforementioned factors in the extent of the

 body’s response and its health condition to the increase in weight of 10 kilos per month, which many may see is a simple matter, but it is quite the opposite.

The best diet to gain 10 kilos in a month

Dr. Hisham advised the need to consult a specialist doctor to perform the necessary tests and analyzes, before determining the appropriate

 diet for the body and its health condition, in addition to that, he chose the best healthy and nutritional regimen for weight gain in general as follows:

Stay away from fatty foods rich in fats and sugars to gain 10 kilos of weight per month, to avoid various diseases that may affect the body in the long run.

Commitment to exercise with specialized trainers, as a basic principle of increasing weight and muscle mass in a manner consistent with the nature of the body and its health condition.

Living with the reality of being overweight, it is not reasonable to gain 10 kilos in a jiffy, so adhering to the doctor’s instructions is imperative to gain weight according to the body’s response and health condition.

Determining the calories needed to gain weight and treat the problem of thinness with a specialist doctor and nothing else.

Make sure to eat 5 meals a day to gain weight as much as possible.

Commit to eating breakfast that contains proteins, whole grains, and full-fat dairy products to gain weight properly.

Enhancing daily meals with large amounts of carbohydrates (roasted potatoes, rice, pasta), as well as eating high-calorie vegetables and fruits that are useful for gaining weight in a healthy manner.

Finally, gaining weight requires visiting a specialist to determine the best diet to gain weight as much as possible in a healthy way, not 10 kilos per month, as many believe.

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