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How do I lose 10 kilos in a week

 How do I lose 10 kilos in a week

How do I lose 10 kilos in a week? Of course, it is a tempting idea for many, but it is not healthy at all.

Reliance on diet and harsh diets that lead to rapid weight loss causes many health problems such as muscle loss, slow metabolism, and lack of nutrients needed in your body.

Therefore, experts note that a healthy and safe weight loss is to lose approximately one kilogram per week.

 But it is possible for the body to lose more than this rate per week by combining a healthy diet and exercise, and this is normal because the lost weight is excess water in the body and nothing more.

If you are looking for the most prominent tips to lose weight after Ramadan by natural methods without the need to starve yourself or persevere in a harsh and tiring diet, you are in the right place.

Ways to slim the body and lose weight after Ramadan:

Drink a lot of water

Several studies have shown that drinking half a liter of water in moderation and in batches before eating meals helps to a large and beneficial extent in the mechanism of weight loss and avoiding obesity.

Studies have explained that the benefit of drinking water lies in washing the body’s toxins in general, preparing the stomach before eating, and contributing to filling a vacuum of its space to give a feeling of satiety before overeating.

Eat vegetables at every meal

Eating vegetables and fruits with every meal as much as possible is a prerequisite for healthy nutrition, as this contributes to supplying the body with the total amount that nutrition experts recommend eating daily.

Make sure that your breakfast includes fiber in addition to proteins. For lunch, for example, start with a large bowl of vegetable

 salad, and make more than 60% of your meal consist of vegetables only, or eat another food as a main meal with a side dish consisting of vegetables, to side salad plate.

And for dinner, you can eat cheese sandwiches containing sliced ​​tomatoes, cucumbers or radish leaves.

Increasing sleep hours

Taking an adequate number of hours of sleep daily helps the body to secrete the hormone cortisol, known as the stress hormone or the sleep hormone that is the main responsible for the metabolism process.

According to Marie-Pierre, a researcher in nutritional affairs at Columbia University Medical Center, interruption of sleep

 significantly increases the amount of food eaten, and there are indications that lack of adequate sleep is counterproductive to weight.

Moderate portions and small dishes

Get used to eating slowly. This habit makes you lose a good number of kilograms. Pour the food into a small plate to reduce the quantities consumed, and be sure to stick to specific and moderate quantities, so do not fill the plate again.

Walking to burn fat

Get in the habit of walking and moving your body, and instead of driving your car go on foot, or use the stairs instead of the elevator. Simple things that you lose calories without even realizing it.


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