Healthy smoothie recipes to burn fat

 Healthy smoothie recipes to burn fat

Since the emergence of the new Corona virus known as "Covid 19" in late December of last year, people around the world are using all

 possible means to increase the body's immunity, as the coronavirus specifically attacks bodies with weak immunity.

Hence, the trend towards taking vitamins of all kinds, and sometimes excessively, is what health professionals warn of, stressing the need to take vitamins according to the doctor’s prescription.

In this context, the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population warned all people against taking excessive amounts of medicines and

 vitamins without medical supervision, pointing out that this matter poses a danger to their health, even if the goal is to prevent infection with the Corona virus.

Excessive use of vitamins is dangerous to human health

According to what was stated on the “Sky News Arabia” website, taking medicines and vitamins to prevent viruses in general and the

 emerging corona virus in particular must be under medical supervision and for a certain period of time determined by the doctor according to the needs of each person.

In its warning to citizens, the ministry stressed that excessive use of medicines and vitamins in order to protect against infection with the Corona virus, can lead to an increase in salt deposits on the kidneys and body.

Also, this excess may reflect the effectiveness of these drugs and their effect on the body, so that they become useless, if they are used when infected with the Covid 19 virus.

Alternative health solutions to boost immunity against corona

On the other hand, the Egyptian Ministry of Health has offered alternative options for medicines and vitamins, represented in proper

 and balanced nutrition, and taking the necessary vitamins and minerals in diets to improve health and raise immunity, which makes it unnecessary to take them in the form of tablets or pills.

She explained that eating vitamins and minerals in food helps stimulate and strengthen the immune system, and gives the body the ability to resist diseases and ensure sustainable health.

Food sources of vitamins

Among the foods rich in vitamin "C" necessary to improve the body's immunity, oranges, tangerines, lemons, strawberries, guavas, colored

 sweet peppers, and some vegetables such as broccoli and spinach. Foods rich in vitamin A include dark leafy green vegetables such as watercress and spinach.

To get zinc, it is recommended to eat red meat, but in small quantities, legumes, dairy products, eggs and nuts.

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