Golden tips when following the Ramadan 2022 diet

 Golden tips when following the Ramadan 2022 diet

The Ramadan diet is striking the minds of many, so that they can enjoy their graceful bodies and ideal body during the celebration of

 the days of Eid Al-Fitr, after they used the fasting and breakfast hours for their conscious goals regarding their beauty and attractive appearance.

Despite the variety of breakfast and suhoor tables with healthy and unhealthy foods, the decision to devour foods of all kinds is optional

 and not mandatory, and this means that every woman is responsible for how to deal with her body during the month of fasting, in proportion to her health and the nature of her body.

In this context, we will focus on providing golden tips when following the Ramadan 2022 diet specified by the specialist doctor, and this means that we warn against following harsh diets or diets in

 general without consulting specialists, to determine the most appropriate according to the nature of each body and its health condition, and then follow the advice The presented gold, suitable for all age groups and types of healthy diets.

From this point of view, get acquainted, dear, with the most important golden tips when following the Ramadan 2022 diet, based on the recommendations of Dr. Mustafa Abdullah from Cairo.

Golden tips when following the Ramadan 2022 diet

Dr. Mustafa explained that the month of Ramadan is one of the virtuous months that can be best exploited to get rid of excess weight

 in a healthy manner, as fasting hours have become an approach for many healthy diets that have proven their worth in getting rid of accumulated fat and extra kilos.

But it requires a strong will and correct and healthy choices for the foods eaten during the Iftar and Suhoor meals, to enhance the benefits of fasting hours without wasting public health, whether by increasing or decreasing the body's needs in general.

So, dear, choose the healthy Ramadan diet that is right for you with your specialist doctor, and follow the following golden tips:

Drink plenty of water before eating breakfast or suhoor during the Ramadan diet designated for you.

Start eating a medium fruit with low calories before eating breakfast and suhoor during the Ramadan diet that is suitable for you.

Use the minutes of the Maghrib prayer as a break before eating the healthy foods designated for you during the Ramadan diet.

Take advantage of appetizers rich in dietary fiber and types of fat-burning soups before eating breakfast during the Ramadan diet.

Get in the habit of making use of healthy foods rich in complex carbohydrates while implementing your Ramadan diet.

Rely on eating foods rich in healthy fats during the Ramadan diet.

Reduce the quantities of healthy foods eaten during the Ramadan diet, so use small plates to fill them in limited quantities that do not exceed the fist of one type.

Avoid carbonated and caffeinated drinks during the Ramadan diet, as they work on diuresis, which leads to the loss of water from the body during fasting hours.

Maintain a simple exercise for 10 minutes, during the Ramadan diet.

Enjoy dates in quantities not exceeding 3 after Iftar, as well as two small cups of Ramadan drinks during Iftar hours during the Ramadan diet.

Make sure to eat only one piece of a variety of sweets per day, during the Ramadan diet.

Utilize dried fruits and nuts, raw and not salted, in moderate quantities during Iftar hours to curb appetite during the Ramadan diet.

Eat the suhoor meal at least two hours before dawn prayer and end your breakfast hours with two cups of water and a banana, to prevent you from feeling thirsty during the fasting hours, during the Ramadan diet followed and specified by the specialist doctor and nothing else.

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