Exercising before bed to burn belly fat and buttocks

 Exercising before bed to burn belly fat and buttocks

If you suffer from the accumulation of fat in the buttocks and abdomen area and want to get rid of it and burn this fat naturally, continue reading the following article!

We will shed light on exercises before bed targeting the abdomen and buttocks that will not only help you invigorate the activity and vitality in the next day, but at the same time will help you burn belly fat and buttocks and strengthen the muscles, while you are in the bedroom!

Here are the best exercises that solve the problem of belly fat and buttocks effectively and quickly.

First exercise

Put your hands behind you on the edge of the bed or any chair in the bedroom. Extend the legs straight as in the picture, then start raising

 your body until the butt reaches the height of the edge of the bed, then gradually lower until you come close to the floor. Repeat the process 10 to 15 times.

second exercise

Stand straight along the bed or any fixed chair, put one foot on the bed, lift yourself with the other foot towards the bed and bend it high

 in front of your body and extend the second foot naturally, then return again to the first position, and repeat the process in succession several times.

The third exercise

Stand straight and leave a large distance between your feet, bend your knees to squat, open your feet wide and lower with all your strength towards the floor. 

Concentrate the load of the body on the ankles of the feet, put your arms at your waist and maintain the position as possible. Keep the heels on the floor to stand again, keeping the back straight.

Fourth exercise

Lie on the bed, face down, with your arms in front of you. Lift your chest a little up, as well as the legs as much as you can and repeat the movement several times.

Fifth exercise

Lie on the bed and raise your legs, keeping your back flat on the floor. Move your feet up and down like a scissors in quick, small motions, while keeping your feet fully extended.

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