Effective exercises to get a flat stomach in two weeks

 Effective exercises to get a flat stomach in two weeks

The abdominal area is one of the most areas of the body in terms of storing fat, so we will focus in the following lines on the best effective exercises to get a flat stomach as soon as possible.

And with the daily preoccupations and pressures of life, we always strive at Heya to provide you with the easiest and best exercises without the need to commit to intensive training sessions.

The following exercises you can do at home and you only need some light weights if you want to increase some challenge for yourself.

The exercises focus on improving the appearance of your abdomen and reducing fat as much as possible and getting rid of it and maintaining your fitness to enjoy a slim, sculpted and slim body.

Effective exercises to get a flat stomach in two weeks

first exercise

Get down and get into a deep position towards the ground and spread your feet wide. Hold the weights of the dumbbells between your

 feet, take a wide step with your right foot to the side and bend it and extend the second foot and move your hands towards the bent foot as the picture shows you.

Go back and repeat the exercise for the second foot.

second exercise

Lie on the floor with your feet fully extended. Raise your buttocks and feet in the air, then bring them close and press them towards your stomach and maintain this position as much as you can.

The third exercise

Take the basic plank position. Lean on your toes and palms of your hands, and keep your body straight.

Jump in your place and open your feet as the picture shows you, then close them and repeat the movement for 50 seconds.

Fourth exercise

Lie on the floor and raise your shoulders off the ground and put your hands behind your head. Lift the feet and bend them 90 degrees in the air, keeping the calf muscles parallel to the floor.

Then make an alternating movement between the two legs, similar to the movement of riding a bicycle, for a period of 50 seconds.

Fifth exercise

Lie on your left side with your buttocks raised off the ground, and use your left elbow to balance it and support the position of the rest of the body.

Raise the upper leg towards the ceiling and lower it again to the first position, and repeat the same movement for 50 seconds.

Sixth exercise

Lie on the floor and raise your feet straight up in the air and take a 90-degree angle with your body, then raise your upper body slightly in the air and extend your hands in the air and approach your feet.

Go back and lie on the floor and at the same time lower your feet down without touching the ground and put your hands behind your head.

Repeat the exercise by repeating the movements in succession for 3 cycles, 12 repetitions for each time.

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