Diet without food deprivation to lose 5 kilos per week

 Diet without food deprivation to lose 5 kilos per week

The principle of no deprivation in healthy diets to lose weight depends on several basic criteria, which serve as the dynamic driver of the mechanism of healthy weight loss.

What makes us cannot determine a diet without depriving food to lose 5 kilos per week for all age groups at the same time.

Diet without food deprivation

According to what the obesity and thinness consultant, Dr. Hisham, said, a healthy diet without food deprivation requires the following basic criteria

Carry out the necessary analyzes to determine the extent of the thyroid gland’s response to the mechanisms of metabolism and the burning process, according to the nature of the body and its health condition.

Calculating the balancing equation that depends on "height, weight, age" to choose the best diet without depriving food in proportion to the nature of the body and its health condition.

A healthy eating pattern depends on meeting the body's needs for healthy foods to lose weight without depriving food.

Employing foods that help burn fat and convert it into useful energy for the body, to lose weight without depriving food.

Incorporating interacting foods with each other to stimulate the metabolism to lose weight in a healthy manner appropriate for each individual individually.

Adhering to healthy habits that help lose weight without depriving food, especially “chewing food slowly, allocating small quantities of

 meals, multiple healthy snacks throughout the day, drinking more water, exercising appropriate to the body and its health condition.”

Weight loss 5 kilos per week

Dr. Hisham rejected the principle of slimming the body by 5 kilos per week in general, as it might pose a danger to the vital functions of the body in the long term.

On the other hand, Dr. Hisham explained that despite the circulation of various diets that depend on dieting models without food

 deprivation, it loses 5 kilos per week, but the response of the vital functions is the pivotal factor in achieving its positive or negative results on the body in general.

Therefore, it is recommended to follow a healthy diet with a specialist doctor to determine the priorities of the body during a balanced slimming that continues without any subsequent complications.

Tips to lose weight without food deprivation

Dr. Hisham stressed that following some of the following tips that complement the above-mentioned basic criteria, as a healthy diet

 without depriving food, may help to lose extra kilograms according to the body’s response, not 5 kilograms as promoted, as follows

Eat sweets and fatty meals in small quantities once a week.

Stabilizing the biological clock and getting an adequate amount of sleep for at least 7 hours.

Do not get carried away by diets circulating through the Internet and social networking sites without consulting a specialist doctor.

Commitment to following healthy eating habits as a lifestyle and not only while losing weight, to get the perfect body for life.

Adding healthy, fat-burning foods to your weekly meals for life, not just time to lose weight, especially “dark vegetables, yogurt, boiled eggs, whole grains, raw nuts, fatty fish, olive oil, green tea, legumes, low-calorie fruits, chocolate.” the dark."

Limit your intake of caffeinated beverages, canned food and processed meats.

Finally, following the aforementioned directives with the specialist doctor, as a diet without depriving food, may help to slim the body in a healthy manner for life, not just 5 kilos per week.

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