Best diet to lose weight fast in summer

 Best diet to lose weight fast in summer

The best diet to lose weight quickly in the summer is the system that relies on the principle of including healthy food within the nutritional

 plan followed, with the need to exercise regularly to accelerate the burning of fat and calories in parallel with healthy and studied eating according to the needs of each body.

Dr. Dana Al-Hamwi, Physician and Dietitian from the Dr. Dana Diet Center in Dubai, stresses the need for healthy food to become a part of daily life and to be followed over time, which establishes a high physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle in general.

Best diet to lose weight fast in summer

This system includes a number of basics as indicated by d. Dana:

• Focus on leafy vegetables, fruits and other ingredients that contain a high percentage of water, such as rice, chia seeds and quinoa.

• Avoid foods rich in salt, sugars and caffeine, as they increase dehydration of the body and cause health problems such as headaches, fatigue and bloating.

• The timing and frequency of meals is very important, please Dr. It is recommended that one eat small meals at regular times instead of two large meals a day.

• Drinking water in sufficient quantities to fight heat and improve metabolism in terms of burning calories and fat better.

• Doing exercise regularly and effectively.

Foods within the best diet to lose weight quickly in the summer

Dr. Sherry Zeidenberg Sher, a researcher at the University of California, USA, stresses that eating certain foods in the summer can contribute to the weight loss process as part of a low-calorie diet and active lifestyle.

And the foods recommended by Dr. Sher, as reported by the "Cosmopolitan" website, is the following:

• Chilled soups: especially vegetable soups, which contain a large amount of fiber that fills the appetite and thus reduces the consumption of calories in food, which stimulates weight loss over time.

• Watermelon: a refreshing summer fruit known for its richness in water and fiber, which means an increase in body hydration and a reduction in food consumption.

• Strawberries: one of the types of fruits that are recommended to be eaten at all times, especially for the purpose of losing weight quickly in the summer, as they are rich in fiber and other nutrients in addition to being low in calories.

• Zucchini: low in calories and can replace many starches.

• Kale: a leafy vegetable rich in fiber that improves digestion and enhances the feeling of satiety, which helps to lose weight quickly in the summer.

• Grilled vegetables: An ideal choice for those looking for light or side dishes that are low in calories, fat and rich in fiber.

• Grilled fish: The best thing to eat to lose weight quickly in the summer, as it is a rich source of protein, low in calories and enhances the feeling of satiety.

• Cucumber: rich in water and poor in calories, which makes it the best food in a diet to lose weight quickly in the summer.

Other foods that Cher recommends include:

•    tomatoes.

• Avocado.

•    Raspberry.

• Hot sauce.

• Pineapple.

• Frozen fruits.

• Hibiscus Iced Tea.

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