Benefits of green tea with lemon for weight loss

 Benefits of green tea with lemon for weight loss

The benefits of green tea with lemon for slimming lie in how the compounds of this effective drink are used to speed up metabolism, without long-term damage to the body.

My dear, you will know the benefits of green tea with lemon for slimming, through the nutritionist Mona Ibrahim from Cairo, as well as how to use it with various healthy diets to lose weight, so that you can benefit from it to get rid of the extra kilos.

green tea with lemon for weight loss

According to the nutritionist, Mona, green tea with lemon is a double-edged sword for the health of the body in general, as it contains antioxidants, caffeine, antibacterials, vitamins and minerals that stimulate the metabolism in particular.

But it is required to eat a moderate amount of no more than two cups throughout the day, preferably after breakfast and before dinner, drinking it is suitable with all healthy balanced diets without harsh

 diets, as well as the slimming diet containing a high percentage of vegetables, fruits and few carbohydrates, taking into account a lot of drinking Lukewarm water and exercise.

This helps to avoid the damages of drinking green tea with lemon during weight loss, especially stomach ulcers, chronic constipation, vomiting and nausea, exaggerated nervousness, insomnia and lack of

 deep sleep, anemia, irregular heartbeat, and thyroid dysfunction in the long run. It hinders weight loss and various diseases.

Benefits of green tea with lemon for weight loss

Dr. Mona explained that if the aforementioned instructions are adhered to during slimming, green tea with lemon will contribute to achieving several benefits during slimming as follows

Green tea with lemon speeds up the metabolism during slimming.

Drinking green tea with lemon prevents the accumulation of body fat, especially in the abdominal area, during weight loss.

Drinking green tea helps curb appetite and feelings of hunger, especially before going to sleep.

Green tea with lemon regulates blood cholesterol levels during weight loss.

Drink green tea with lemon half an hour after breakfast, which contains "yogurt, boiled eggs, broccoli, brown bread" is useful for losing weight.

Drinking green tea with lemon before a light dinner stimulates the body at night to get rid of toxins and waste the next morning to lose weight.

Finally, it is preferable to boil the lemon with its peel and soak the green tea bags with cooling the drink before consuming it without

 any other additives, which helps to slim the body within the healthy diet followed and appropriate for the nature of the body and its health condition.

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