Benefits of fitness exercises

 Benefits of fitness exercises

There are different types of exercise that a person needs to be fit and stay healthy. But fitness exercises remain the most important because they help you do various daily activities and sports.

Fitness exercises are also the perfect solution to many health problems, as well as a protective shield to prevent many diseases.

Benefits of fitness exercises

Various fitness exercises are among the most important exercises useful for building muscles and strengthening them in the body.

Among the most important benefits of fitness exercises as well, they are:

Increase activity rate and raise serotonin levels in the brain.

It works to relax the body, raises the general mood and reduces the chances of frustration.

Give the body energy and enthusiasm.

Positively affects the strength of memory.

Helps sleep and makes sleep comfortable.

Reduce the incidence of joint diseases and maintain their health.

It increases self-confidence.

Fitness exercises at home

Start with these simple fitness exercises at home to keep your body fit and fit.

First exercise

Start the exercise by standing with your back straight, bend your knees to get into a squat position and place your hands on the floor directly in front of you. 

Kick your legs back so that your entire body is resting on your hands, and when you're in a plank position, do a quick push up, then use the tips of your toes to push your body off the ground so you can stand up again.

Jump and push your whole body up using the tips of your feet, and raise your hands up when jumping to extend your whole body.

second exercise

In the first movement, take a lunge position, push your right foot forward and bend it, leaving the second leg extended behind. Now

 jump and extend the feet together and raise them in the air and base after the jump forward on the position of the lungs and switch the position of the feet from the previous lunges movement.

The third exercise

Take a basic squat or squat position, bend your knees and lower slightly towards the floor and bring your buttocks back.

After you squat, jump up into the air from where you are and then go back to the first movement and put your feet back on the ground with the squat movement.

Fourth exercise

First take the basic push-up position and rest on the palms of your hands. Press down towards the ground and then raise your body and jump forward if you can and take the position of deep squats and put your hands on the ground as the picture shows you.

Fifth exercise

Lie on your back on the floor with your buttocks joined and your feet bent 90 degrees on the floor. Raise your buttocks and press them as

 tightly as possible, and raise the left or right foot and extend it high in the air, and maintain this position for some time, then lower your body and repeat the exercise with the second foot raised.

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