Benefits of fennel for weight loss

 Benefits of fennel for weight loss

Fennel has a high percentage of natural fibers, in addition to its active compounds that made it top the list of fat-burning drinks that control appetite.

We will tell you, dear, about the benefits of fennel for weight loss and how to use it the right way with all healthy diets, through the

 nutritionist Rawan Mahmoud from Cairo, so that you can use his drink to overcome the accumulated fat and lose weight in a healthy manner.

Benefits of fennel for weight loss

According to what the nutritionist Rawan said, many health studies have proven that fennel increases the secretion of the hormone

 melatonin in the brain, which is responsible for curbing appetite, and thus, in addition to several benefits for weight loss, the most important of which are

Fennel slows down the digestion process in the body during weight loss.

Fennel helps to get rid of accumulated fat, especially around the abdominal area during weight loss.

Fennel contributes to the elimination of toxins from the body during slimming.

Fennel rids the body of excess water that causes weight gain without benefit.

Fennel is one of the drinks that contribute to reducing the amount of calories consumed indirectly during weight loss.

Fennel meets the body's needs of vitamins "B6 and C", minerals "zinc, iron and calcium", proteins and healthy carbohydrates during weight loss.

Fennel breaks down carbohydrates into glucose, as well as proteins into amino acids that promote healthy weight loss.

Fennel gives energy and vitality that stimulates the metabolism during weight loss.

The correct way to use fennel to lose weight

Dr. Rawan explained the need to rely on sugar-free fennel drink, not fennel seeds circulated on the Internet and social networking sites, to boost metabolism during healthy weight loss.

Taking into account the following instructions, while adhering to the healthy diets specified by the specialist doctor according to the nature of the body and its health condition, as follows:

Drink fennel after breakfast, which contains "yogurt, boiled eggs, brown bread, and cottage cheese."

Boost your metabolism with fresh fennel as a snack with two slices of bran biscuits during weight loss.

Refrain from eating all types of white flour and its various sources, while replacing it with whole wheat products while benefiting from the fennel drink for weight loss.

It is preferable to allocate portions of "strawberries, berries, green apples, apricots, broccoli, spinach, beef, olive oil, grated ginger, lemon, boiled potatoes, fresh tomatoes, parsley, coriander, celery", while eating a fennel drink to lose weight.

It is allowed to exchange the cinnamon and ginger drink with the fennel drink during weight loss, provided that the number of cups consumed throughout the day does not exceed 4 cups.

Suffice it to eat a light dinner after drinking the fennel drink for half an hour during weight loss.

Finally, take advantage of the instructions provided with your specialist doctor to take advantage of the benefits of fennel to lose weight according to the nature of your body and its health condition.

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