Benefits of bulgur for weight loss

 Benefits of bulgur for weight loss

The benefits of bulgur for weight loss lie in its ability to get rid of fat around the abdomen, as a study conducted by Penn State University proved that it is the best whole wheat grain useful for this.

We will inform you, dear, about the benefits of bulgur for weight loss, as well as the healthy way to benefit from it, through the nutritionist, Dr. Basem Shawky from Jeddah.

bulgur for weight loss

According to the nutritionist, Dr. Bassem, bulgur is a whole grain that is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and healthy and nutritious building blocks during the weight loss period.

In addition, bulgur is one of the foods that are very low in fat and high in minerals, as well as one of the best whole wheat grain products that stimulate the metabolism for healthy weight loss.

Benefits of bulgur for weight loss

Dr. Bassem explained that bulgur is one of the foods that resist weight gain and help achieve the following benefits

Bulgur helps curb appetite during weight loss.

Bulgur regulates blood sugar levels during weight loss.

Bulgur contributes to the rapid elimination of accumulated fat around the abdominal area during slimming.

Bulgur maintains weight after shedding extra kilos.

Bulgur improves digestion during weight loss.

Bulgur increases metabolism, to prevent diabetes and weight gain at the same time.

Bulgur burns calories and harmful fats in the body while losing weight.

Bulgur gives the body energy and vitality during slimming.

Bulgur strengthens the immune system and prevents constipation during weight loss.

The healthy way to eat bulgur for weight loss

Dr. Bassem advised, to follow the following instructions, to benefit from the benefits of bulgur for weight loss, as follows:

Boiled bulgur is added to salads rich in dark vegetables.

Eat moderate portions of bulgur 4 times a week to lose weight.

It is forbidden to eat bulgur with fatty foods, especially fried meat, during weight loss.

It is preferable to cook foods eaten with bulgur on steam or oven.

Fat-free bulgur soup is one of the best burning foods for belly fat in particular.

Bulgur helps to lose weight properly, if it is eaten within a healthy diet appropriate for the nature and health of the body and nothing else.

Finally, he warns women who suffer from "wheat allergy, gluten indigestion, digestive disorders, irritable bowel syndrome" against eating bulgur during weight loss.

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