6 tips that help girls exercise in the gym during Ramadan

 6 tips that help girls exercise in the gym during Ramadan

If you go to the gym and the month of Ramadan comes to you and you are afraid of the problem of stopping exercising during the

 month of Ramadan because of fasting, do not worry because you can still go to the gym and do your exercises, but with adherence to some instructions.

Here are some tips that help girls and women to exercise in the gym during Ramadan to prevent weight gain and gain extra kilos, to stimulate blood circulation and get rid of the lethargy and laziness that may be caused by fasting for long hours.

6 tips that help girls exercise in the gym during Ramadan

Choosing the right gym:

A good choice is an important factor in maintaining health while exercising in the gym during Ramadan, as you must choose a qualified place designated for exercising, well ventilated, clean, and supervised by specialists.

Do simple stretching exercises:

If you feel tired and tired from the intense exercises that you used to do before Ramadan, it is better to limit yourself to simple exercises

 such as stretching exercises, as they help revitalize your body and maintain your fitness with minimal effort. 

But if you are used to doing strenuous exercises, including lifting weights, it is recommended to reduce the time by 45 minutes and diversify the exercises so that the effort is not activated on the same

 muscle daily, but rather divide the exercises so that every day exercises are performed on a different muscle.

Drink adequate amounts of water:

We know that fasting exposes the body to dehydration and the loss of part of the water, and with exercise, your body's need for water will

 increase, so you must make sure to drink sufficient quantities, provided that they are not too large and in excess of the body's need.

Choose the right time:

It is preferable to choose the appropriate time to exercise in the gym during Ramadan, which is either approximately an hour before breakfast, to compensate for the lost fluids and minerals lost by the

 body as soon as possible, or at least two hours after breakfast, provided that the sports are of light or medium quality. Toughness and intensity, no high effort and no high resistance.

Get the necessary nutrition:

It is known that you may gain extra weight during the month of Ramadan, due to eating binge during breakfast to compensate for the long hours of fasting, but this food makes it difficult to exercise

 freely and lightly. Therefore, we advise you to eat balanced meals before the gym, so that each meal contains carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, and various vegetables.

 In the case of strenuous exercise, it is recommended to eat a light snack of sugars to provide the body with quick energy, and to avoid caffeinated drinks or foods such as coffee, tea and soft drinks, as they are diuretics, which causes the body to lose fluids.

Reducing the number of exercise days:

You may be accustomed to visiting the gym 6 days a week during normal days, but continuing to exercise in Ramadan may require you

 to reduce the number of days going to the gym to avoid exhaustion and fatigue, and to stop exercising when feeling chest pain, rapid heartbeat, and pain severe muscle or headache;

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