5 exercises for the abdomen and thighs that you can do at home

 5 exercises for the abdomen and thighs that you can do at home

Whether you suffer from excess fat or flabbiness around the abdomen and waists, you only need to do some abdominal exercises at home to slim the abdomen and waists in a short time and get a slim and slim body as you dream of.

You will notice, dear, changes in your waistline, especially if these exercises are combined with taking care to follow a healthy diet and nutritional recipes to get rid of the fat that accumulates in this

 particular area and stop practicing wrong habits that work on the formation of fat such as eating fried foods, sugars and drinks Soft

 foods, and focus on fruits, vegetables, fat-free foods, proteins such as skim milk, yogurt, and whole grains such as brown rice and oatmeal.

5 exercises for the abdomen and thighs that you can do at home

First exercise

Stand straight, then bend the right knee 90 degrees and raise it in front of you at the level of the waist.

Carry a light weight in both hands and extend your hands to the side of the right knee downward, then start the movement in the form of a

 letter 8, raise your hands high in the air and then lower them to the left side and raise and bend the left foot and repeat the movements.

second exercise

First stand up straight, extend your arms to the side and then bend them 90 degrees and put them behind your head.

Leave a space between your feet and then straighten your feet and bend the left foot and raise it aside at the level of your stomach and

 press on this side while moving your head downward to touch your left elbow and your left knee. Repeat the movement with alternate feet.

The third exercise

Leave a space between your feet, bend your knees a little and just hold one weight in your hands. Bend and tilt your upper part to the

 right, bending the knees and taking a position like the squat position, and also move your hands and extend them down in the same direction.

In the next movement, raise your body and stand again and keep the distance between your feet, then lean your upper body to the opposite side, i.e. the left and raise your hands in the air and extend them high.

Fourth exercise

Lower your body and rest on the tips of your feet and palms of your hands, as if you were in a push-up position.

Lift the right knee and bend it towards the chest area, then return it and do the same movement for the left knee. Repeat the exercise in succession.

Fifth exercise

Lie on your left or right side with your feet fully extended on the ground.

Lift the upper part of your body off the floor and raise your feet together at the same time towards the ceiling and lean your hands on the ground.

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