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You will be shocked.. serious consequences of excessive exercise

 You will be shocked.. serious consequences of excessive exercise

You will be shocked.. serious consequences of excessive exercise, and now to the details:

Although exercise often helps to improve physical and psychological health, there are cases in which sports may become harmful, and the majority of potential sports damages are related to cases of excessive

 exercise in particular, and the following are the most prominent damage and health complications that may be caused by excessive exercise.

The medical term for skeletal muscle cell rupture is rhabdomyolysis. When muscle cells rupture or burst, their contents are released into the bloodstream.

Any physical activity, new or excessive, can cause symptomatic rhabdomyolysis:

excessive gardening


CrossFit activities


Even routine military fitness tests can trigger rhabdomyolysis associated with kidney injury.

The combination of progressive training and appropriate recovery periods allows beneficial modifications to muscle, cardiovascular and body composition such as:

Muscle Building

and increase fitness

Losing body fat

Our research confirms that gradually starting training for two weeks after a period of inactivity is crucial to getting muscle cell membranes to fully adapt to the stress associated with training.

Subclinical rhabdomyolysis, or rhabdomyolysis not associated with acute kidney injury, is associated with the following signs or symptoms:

Severe muscle pain that does not go away with time.

Muscle swelling and difficulty moving.

Nausea, vomiting, or both.

Intermittent urination and very dark colored urine

There are risk factors that increase the risk of developing rhabdomyolysis after exercise, and they include:

Exercising in heat, drought or high humidity, drinking between them, excessive consumption of coffee, extreme practices related to a vegetarian or high-protein diet, and sickle cell trait.


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