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Yogurt and oatmeal diet to lose weight 7 kg per month

 Yogurt and oatmeal diet to lose weight 7 kg per month

The yoghurt and oats diet is one of the most effective recipes for weight loss, which has proven to be well-deserved to lose weight. The yoghurt and oatmeal diet not only helps to lose weight, but also

 helps to get rid of fat effectively, especially in the abdominal area, which is one of the areas where fat accumulates quickly, and to get fit and consistent in a healthy and fast way.

But it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor before undergoing this type of diet and other diets aimed at losing weight, to see if it is appropriate for your health condition.

Learn more about the benefits of yoghurt and oats and how to make a yoghurt and oatmeal diet to lose weight.

Benefits of oats for weight loss

Oats are foods rich in fiber, such as beta-glucan, a type of water-soluble fiber that forms a thick, jelly-like solution in the

 stomach, which helps increase the feeling of satiety and lose weight, thus speeding up metabolism and getting rid of body fat, especially belly fat, and ultimately getting a taut body.

Also, oats increase the growth of good bacteria in the digestive system, lower blood sugar and reduce bad and total cholesterol.

Benefits of yogurt for weight loss

Yogurt gets rid of the accumulated fat around the waist and rumen, without negatively affecting the muscles of the body. 

Yogurt increases the feeling of satiety for a longer time than usual, and contains "probiotics", which are useful in improving digestion and metabolism in the body.

Yogurt and oatmeal diet for weight loss

Following the oatmeal and yogurt diet is to add an amount of oatmeal to a cup of yogurt, and eat it for breakfast and lunch.

 Dinner is light and low in calories and includes items such as grilled salmon, chicken or steamed vegetables.

To ensure the success of the oatmeal and yogurt diet and to enjoy the result that it can achieve, which is to lose weight by about 7 kilograms within a month, we advise you to:

Make sure to use fat-free and low-fat yogurt.

Oatmeal should be low in sodium.

Add distinctive flavors to oatmeal and yogurt, such as fresh fruits such as berries and strawberries, or a spoonful of honey or cinnamon.


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