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Workouts to lose 400 calories in just 40 minutes!

 Workouts to lose 400 calories in just 40 minutes!

Who among us does not dream of a slim and harmonious body, and to achieve this end it is necessary to burn the fat accumulated in the body.

 Therefore, Alma Al-Khadra, the athletic trainer, suggests to you an exercise program that includes 6 movements, each of which is practiced for a minute, with the aim of burning 400 calories in 40 minutes, which are:

1- Quick steps: The movement is practiced standing, by clasping the palms together and bringing them forward, with the legs open and moving them repeatedly at high speed.

2- Jumping Lunges: The movement is practiced from a straight standing position, to jumping with the right knee bent. The movement is repeated using the left knee.

3- Walking and jumping on the "step".

4- Jumping rope: Skipping rope is used to perform the movement, which promises to burn fat accumulated in different areas of the body.

5- Push-ups: the palms are fixed to the ground, and the movement is performed by repeatedly raising and lowering the body, moving one leg each time.

6- Jumping, with the legs and hands together:


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