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What you need to know about pregnancy in the first month

 What you need to know about pregnancy in the first month

The woman is often unaware that she is pregnant in the first month, in the absence of planning and calculating the time of ovulation. Menopause is not a conclusive evidence of pregnancy, many

 symptoms such as nausea, sudden fatigue, imbalance, a very sensitive sense of smell and picking up smells that may be comfortable for the pregnant woman or smart on normal days, but

 seem annoying at this time in particular, a change in mood, body temperature and eating habits Whether it is an appetite or abstinence from food, as well as the desire to eat strange foods as well as when

 they are not ripe and available, which is known colloquially as “Weham”, all of these are symptoms of pregnancy, but the conclusive evidence of pregnancy remains the examination, whether

 at home or with the doctor, so blessed, you are pregnant in Your first month and from now on you should pay attention to the following things:

1. Comfort: your fetus is still a sperm, and your pregnancy is not stable, be careful as any extra effort may put your pregnancy at risk.

2. Nutritional supplements: It is necessary to provide your body with nutritional supplements of vitamins and folic acid, especially that helps the nervous divisions to be carried out correctly, in order to

 avoid any genetic diseases for your future child, and you should also get supplements that contain complete vitamins, calcium, zinc, and iron.

3. Tension: It is normal for a pregnant woman’s mood to change and become volatile. Sometimes she feels like crying without knowing the reason. This is in addition to the tension added by the issue of

 pregnancy and the waiting state that the woman is going through and thinking about the many responsibilities that await her, all of which increase and spoil your tension. You have to be happy, be careful, for your mental state affects your pregnancy.

4. There is no need to overeat: Women often eat excessively, thinking that it is a meal that they will share with their fetus. This is absolutely not true, as your fetus derives what it needs from your

 body, the latter gives your fetus priority in nutrition, and any deficiency will be at the expense of your health in the first place and not the fetus.

1- Don't worry about dieting and gaining or losing weight, just get the right nutrition.

2- Do not expect your belly to appear quickly, regardless of your current weight, for many women do not clearly show their pregnancy belly until the end of the sixth month.

3- The difference: the case of pregnancy is not the same among women, so do not be afraid if you do not have some symptoms that

 you hear about, simply because morning sickness and loss of balance is not a necessary thing to happen with every woman, as well as cravings and other symptoms.

4- If you were one of those who continued to exercise before pregnancy, there is no problem at all in continuing with it, but without exaggeration. It is preferable to consult a trained

 professional about the exercises for pregnancy that must be done, in addition to swimming, which is one of the important sports during this period. On the other hand, if you do not do any exercises, there is no need to expose your body to sudden stress, daily walking is enough.

5- You have to get a large amount of water and fluids to compensate for what your body loses.


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