What is a fat burning diet?

 What is a fat burning diet?

A fat-burning diet with fat, according to researchers at St. Louis University School of Medicine in Washington, depends on burning old fats stored in the body around the abdomen, thighs and

 buttocks, with healthy new fats, obtained from three basic types of food called “energy macronutrients,” which are Carbohydrates, proteins and beneficial fats.

On the other hand, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition confirmed that the consumption of fatty acids can enhance the health

 of the metabolic process, which contributes to the effective burning of accumulated fats with beneficial fats.

From this point of view, we will learn about the fat burning diet

Fat burning diet

The importance of healthy fats for burning fat

Healthy fat burning foods

The importance of healthy fats for burning fat

 Any healthy diet must contain beneficial fats, so that the body can have the necessary fuel to burn calories, raise energy, and speed up the metabolism in a healthy manner.

One gram of healthy fats provides more than twice the energy of a gram of carbohydrates or proteins.

Thus, the inclusion of any healthy diet on foods rich in omega-3 in particular, is an ideal solution to burn the fat accumulated throughout the body without exception.

He also confirmed that dietary fats, in general, help break down fats in the body, by activating alpha pathways and burning fat through the liver.

On the other hand, he pointed out that eating healthy foods that contain a high percentage of beneficial fats, within any specific healthy diet according to the nature of the body and its health

 condition from the specialist doctor, is enough to curb appetite for long periods, and burn fat in the fastest time and in a healthy way.

In addition, burning accumulated fat with new beneficial fats, raises serotonin levels in the brain, which contributes to improving mood and increasing the desire to lose weight without boredom, other than

 that beneficial fats in various diets increase the concentration of protein and the size of muscle cells in the body. during weight loss.

Healthy fat burning foods

Dr. Hisham advised the need to consult a specialist doctor to determine a healthy diet to burn fat with fat according to the nature of the body and its health condition, provided that it contains the

 most important healthy foods useful for this, which contain a high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids such as “raw liqueurs, olives, avocados, especially fish.” "Mackerel, herring, salmon, sardines".

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