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What are the reasons for women not wanting to practice marital relationship?

 What are the reasons for women not wanting to practice marital relationship?

Why do husbands stop feeling the desire to practice marital relationship? What are the reasons why women in particular feel this impulse recedes? As many women often feel that they do not have

 any interest in practicing intimacy with their husband. Days, weeks and even months may pass without a woman feeling attracted to her partner, which causes many problems, the most important of which is

 the husband's suspicion of his wife's behavior. This may result in many family problems, fueled by misunderstanding, frustration and drifting behind external temptations. If this is the case, here are some

 safe and effective ways to increase your motivation, knowing that there are times when women feel they are not in the mood for sex. This is especially true after childbirth, emotional trauma or sexual assault.

In this context, Dr. Muhammad Ali Ibrahim, a sexual health consultant at Al-Azhar University, confirmed that feelings of satisfaction after intimacy in the marital bed can positively affect the

 mood of women and make them happier. He added that the wife's lack of desire may be primarily due to the husband, as many men spend long hours watching football matches or sitting in cafes and

 behind their desks, while they do not find enough time to immerse the wife in abundant feelings. The husband’s neglect of foreplay and

 his ignorance of the fact that women, by nature, need more time than men to feel motivated towards a relationship, are two facts that may complicate this problem.

Dr. Muhammad Ali also says that a woman increases her desire more if she feels the man's support with his desire to try to solve problems in the relationship, if they exist. If a woman suffers from a

 psychological condition, she must also be treated. Also, there is no need to do special things to excite the wife, it is enough for the partner to help her with housework, child care, thanks and appreciation, all of these things can enhance her impulse for the relationship.


Causes of cold wife

On the other hand, Dr. Ashraf Abu Louz, a sexual health consultant, confirmed that there are many reasons that can affect a woman’s desire, perhaps the most important of which is her constant feeling of

 fatigue and stress, in addition to her lack of self-confidence, such as her constant feeling that her body is not Attractive. That in addition to the lack of feeling originally rush, may be the reason for her cold.

It was also pointed out by Dr. Abu Luz that the fact confirmed by many medical reports that unfortunately, after 20-30 years of marriage, intimacy becomes boring in most cases, and one of the

 spouses loses his desire to complete it, should not be ignored. Most things that are practiced in the same way for long periods of time

 become boring unless their practice becomes related to the mind with a set of important things, such as changing the way, place and time of the relationship.

Dr. added. Abu Luz that to get out of the state of stagnation that a woman may experience in many stages of her life, she must get rid of the laziness of intimate impulsion by engaging in

 exercise, especially those that strengthen the pelvic muscles to increase the strength of her body, fitness and beauty, to reduce psychological congestion, and improve the mood.


kind of guilt

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Sammour, a sexual health consultant at Cairo University, confirmed that psychological factors are one of the strongest causes that lead to sexual coldness. The method of

 upbringing and looking at the intimate marital relationship as a kind of guilt due to false beliefs that sex must be purified from it, and psychological repression in childhood, where the child is prevented

 from expressing her simplest desires, so she grows up and is unable to express herself, are all factors that cause the wife’s lack of desire and confusion. The husband is ignorant of the methods of courtship

 and preparing his wife for physical action, his selfishness, his failure to choose the appropriate timing and his desire for pleasure and comfort without respecting his wife, which contributes to the freezing of all feelings.

It may also be that previous surgeries that a woman underwent in the past, whether they were therapeutic or cosmetic operations, are at risk of suffering from low confidence in the attractiveness of the body.

Dr. Sammour confirms that age is one of the factors affecting a woman's desire, due to the occurrence of some anatomical changes after menopause due to the narrowing of the vagina and the lack of

 its laxative secretions. In addition, there are some drugs such as pressure medications, diuretics, anti-anxiety and depression

 psychiatric medications, narcotic medications, and contraceptive pills. The doctors also unanimously agreed that drinking a lot of coffee had an effect on not wanting to complete the marital relationship.

 Follow these steps:

1- Use your femininity, and some amazing ideas to change your external appearance and your limited view of the relationship, and

 enjoy manipulating the partner until you reach what you want and you will feel that the impulse towards the relationship has become the property of your hands.

2- Examine your medicines and learn about their disadvantages, as many medicines cause your cold. But just use some stimulants, as there are many products on the market that are known to increase

 sexual drive naturally, and they mostly contain testosterone, which is one of the hormones that increase the intimate impulse in women.

3- If there are sick cases, or the problem is caused by a possible side effect of one of the medicines, it is possible to communicate with the doctor to develop solutions that reduce its effects on your desire.

4- Keep fit and eat healthy food free of fat and fatty foods that cause lethargy.

5- Get rid of anxiety and find ways to cope or reduce stress in your life.

6- Do exercises on a regular basis, especially to strengthen the pelvic muscles, specifically Kegel exercises, which lead to an increase in the feeling of muscular interactions during intimacy.


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