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What are the causes of obesity? Who are the women most likely to be obese?

 What are the causes of obesity? Who are the women most likely to be obese?

What are the causes of obesity, a question that many may address, without examining its serious complications.

 Obesity is no longer a transient concept, but rather a ghost that haunts all age groups without warning.

The causes of obesity have also emerged from the perspective of its link to genetic factors and fatty foods, to the arena of poor peaceful coexistence with the affairs of our lives in general.

On the other hand, studies concerned with the health of the individual, whether women, men or children, still reveal to us the

 serious risk of obesity, and although research has proven that men are more likely to be obese than women around the world, the specter of obesity will haunt women without escaping.

Therefore, we will take advantage of our celebration on the occasion of the World Anti-Obesity Day, to present the most important causes of obesity that recent studies have found, and who are the women most susceptible to obesity.

Obesity and its effect on women's health

Hidden causes of obesity for women.

Women are more likely to be obese.

Hidden causes of obesity in women

Dr. Hisham explained that studies concerned with women's health will not stop supporting and guiding them on an ongoing basis towards healthy eating habits, but it is not only important for them to

 eat healthy foods, as psychological pressures and poor management of their lives have become one of the hidden reasons that encourage them to gain extra kilos from without them realizing it.

Therefore, we will dedicate the next lines to shed light on the most important hidden causes of obesity, although they are simple loopholes, but they may hinder women in maintaining their ideal healthy weight.

Here, dear, are the most important causes of obesity, so that you know them on the World Anti-Obesity Day, as follows:

Know, dear, that lack of movement, no matter your ideal weight, is one of the reasons for your obesity in the long term.

Make sure that the loss of appetite and the lack of response to eating healthy meals throughout the day, one of the reasons for your obesity with age.

If you drink fat-burning drinks infrequently or for long periods of time, you may increase your risk of obesity, not the other way around.

Your belief that your weight loss after giving birth means that you got rid of harmful fats, is a misconception and one of the hidden causes of obesity affecting your health in the long run.

Poor management of your vital bodily functions may make you prone to obesity at any age.

Your nervous treatment of your life problems and crises you are going through, is the focus of your obesity, as psychological stress has become a major reason for the justifications for inflammation of foods and weight gain in a jiffy.

Your wrong attempts to get rid of excess weight, or your reliance on harsh diets, is one of the most dangerous reasons for your obesity.

Your biological clock and its mismanagement, lose you healthy sleep that affects your obesity.

Women are more likely to be obese

Dr. Hisham pointed out that it has become known that women are more susceptible to obesity within the studies and research spread through the Internet and social networking sites, whether those who

 depend on fatty foods, high calories, in addition to genetic factors and the body’s response to obesity resulting from exposure to various diseases.

But the phenomenon that has spread in recent times, is that women who suffer from depression, disability, social isolation, low achievement at work, and sexual problems, have become more likely to be obese.

Here, we must emphasize that obesity is a ghost that haunts all age groups in varying degrees, and the fine thread that runs the body towards spinning a healthy tissue or tissue interspersed with chronic diseases and possibly early death will remain.

So, dear, keep building your body with the threads of healthy foods, practicing healthy exercises regularly, following healthy daily eating habits, knowing the types that enhance and meet your body's

 needs, following your weight regularly, and committing to

 psychological calm during your management of crises and problems in general. What makes you a canvas spun with threads of good health for life


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