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What are the benefits of exercising in the evening?

 What are the benefits of exercising in the evening?

What are the benefits of exercising in the evening and does it negatively affect human sleep and diet?

In fact, it is not possible to determine the best time to exercise because this is due to several factors. Therefore, the experts on the Medicine website advise choosing the time that corresponds to the

 long-term goals, so that it is possible to commit and continue exercising during this time for long periods without any obstacles in this matter.

But to determine the outcome, you must know the benefits of exercise in the evening.

A recent study prepared by Australian researchers showed that exercising in the evening affects appetite. And they found that those who exercise at night eat less, according to the German "Focus"

 website. The results of the participants in this study who did intense exercise for intermittent periods for thirty minutes in the

 morning, afternoon and evening, showed that training in the afternoon and evening reduces the hunger-stimulating hormone ghrelin, meaning that exercising in the evening reduces appetite.

Benefits of exercising in the evening

According to the Medicine website, evening exercise is one of the best times to exercise for some people, for the following reasons:

Do not overcrowd the tasks in the morning:

There are many morning tasks that many people get used to doing, such as: drinking a cup of coffee and taking a cold or warm

 bath, before going to work, and with the addition of another task to the day, which is exercising, it will become more difficult to commit to all these things. before going to work.

Increasing the body's readiness for exercise:

In the evening, the body is more ready to exercise because it has been supplied with energy throughout the day, in contrast to the morning period, which causes a feeling of drowsiness in many people, especially in the case of sleeping late.

Eating three meals throughout the day also boosts energy levels in the body before exercising in the evening.

feeling warm

In the cold winter season, exercising helps increase body temperature and reduce the feeling of cold, and therefore evening exercise will be one of the best times to exercise during the winter season.

Reduce the risk of heart disease:

In the afternoon, blood pressure and heart rate are at their lowest, which means that exercising at this time reduces the risk of sudden heart attacks.


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