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Weightlifting isn't just for men!

 Weightlifting isn't just for men!

Many Arab women believe that lifting weights is for men only, for their fear of acquiring a masculine body shape. However, captain and personal trainer Abeer Al-Najdi denies this, saying: “The beliefs of societies

The Arabic view that weightlifting is limited to men only, not women, is wrong, because when developing an integrated and sound sports system, it must include weight lifting exercises to lose weight and tighten the body to obtain better results.

She added that there are several points that a woman should take into consideration when lifting weights, which are:

Not to be afraid of lifting weights and practicing this sport, but with a specialized trainer to avoid injuries.

Weightlifting depends on weight and endurance and there is no limit to the weight (kilo), because it is calculated in a specific way by the trainer according to the goal to be achieved (whether it is weight loss, body tightening or cellulite treatment).

Lifting weights has a positive effect, if you are during your period, it improves the blood circulation in the body and helps reduce bleeding.

Make sure that you, as a woman, differ in your muscular composition from the muscular composition of a man by nature, so do not be afraid of lifting weights.

Weight training for women greatly increases muscle strength, so we hope that the opinion of women and Arab societies will change in this field.


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