Weight loss...common mistakes

Weight loss...common mistakes

There are many common mistakes that people who want to lose weight believe are healthy ways that lead them to the desired goal.

Here, doctors and experts warn against these lies and advise the following:

Abstaining from meals reduces weight

the truth:

Some believe that by abstaining from eating meals they reduce the proportion of calories. This theory often fails because these individuals tend to eat larger amounts at the next meal throughout the

 day; Therefore, it is better to distribute the calories you eat, so that you will have the energy you need in times of study, work and fun.

Binge eating and then vomiting helps to lose weight

the truth:

A study conducted by nutrition experts that included cases of girls who eat a lot, and then vomit deliberately, that measuring the amount

 of food they eat, and comparing it with the amount of calories they return, that even after vomiting, their bodies retain about 1500 calories in the normal range.

 In other words, these girls eat between 2000-2500 calories throughout the day, which indicates that this method is not effective for weight control, and may lead to serious health problems.

The secret is that most teenage girls don't need to lose weight; Because their bodies are still developing.

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Cosmetics that help lose weight

the truth:

A person may feel that he has lost weight after using popular products, but what he has actually lost is water. And the best in this case is to exercise to tighten the muscles.

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Toxins increase cellulite

the truth:

It's a beautiful theory that no study has proven. Nothing proves that stopping smoking and drinking tea and coffee eliminates cellulite. The truth is that the term (cellulite) does not have any medical

 definition, and most specialists assert that it is just fat and that the thighs of women are more likely than men to store it under the skin. 

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