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Weight loss with Zumba

 Weight loss with Zumba

Zumba is a Latin dance-inspired sport that brings together millions of exercises in fun dance moves to the tunes of beautiful Latin music that was introduced in 1990 by the Colombian Alberto. It is a

 mixture of different types of Latin dances such as (samba, salsa, regaton, cumbia, Merengue, belly dance and hip-hop).

To find out more, we interviewed fitness specialist Iman Mazkour, who said:

Zumba has spread very quickly among sports lovers and even non-athletes. Despite the effort made in Zumba classes, sweating and

 fatigue, it will give you a state of happiness after completing it and even while performing it, and this is the most beautiful thing about it. People tend to avoid routine and traditional exercises and look for fun and change.

We can summarize 6 great benefits of practicing Zumba, which are:

 Weight loss: The most important benefits of practicing Zumba is weight loss, as the dancing movements in a Zumba class will help

 you raise the level of your body’s fitness and thus increase the rate of burning of calories, as the rate of burning of calories for the average person is between 600 to 1000 calories per class. Each one ranged from 45 minutes to an hour.

- Body sculpting and polishing: Another great benefit of Zumba classes is that you will notice a wonderful change in the shape of

 your body and you will be surprised by a polished and sculpted body with great consistency, due to the continuous movements in the Zumba classes that focus on sculpting and polishing the body such as squatting, rotation and body core exercises.

- Making new friends: When you attend and participate in Zumba classes, you will have a great opportunity to meet new people and

 make great friends, especially since Zumba classes are supposed to attend and participate in them at least twice a week, and because of the fun atmosphere that prevails, it is easy to get to know others and enjoy with them.

- It is to the music and the atmosphere of fun prevails: most people do not prefer the traditional type of exercise and consider it boring

 and monotonous. Zumba has changed the standards as it has an atmosphere of positive energy and fun, dancing music that may make you forget time, fatigue and effort.

It relieves stress and depression and helps improve a person's mood.

- Suitable for all ages: it combines fun, music, dance moves and aerobic exercises that all ages can practice and enjoy and its benefits.

Finally, it is important to know that Zumba is a new and fun way for a person to enjoy a healthy and active life and enjoy his day. It is also important to know that Zumba is practiced by professional

 specialists who are licensed to train because it requires professional and not random courses. It is also important before undertaking any sports activity to review and consult The specialist doctor if you suffer from any previous health condition or injury.


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