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Weight loss, hormonal control

Weight loss, hormonal control

You notice that some people do not lose their extra weight even if they follow a very harsh diet and refrain from eating for a long time. As you can see, some of them eat a large amount of food without

 gaining weight. You might be one of those. What is the secret? They are some of your hormones that you can control to lose those annoying kilos quickly, easily and permanently. To do so, follow these tips.

1 fast every now and then

Fasting stimulates your metabolism. It also allows you to maintain a low blood sugar level and helps your body produce insulin. It is the hormone that contributes to lowering your glucose level, as it is secreted after you consume proteins and carbohydrates.

Fasting also helps your body maintain its energy and control cortisol, or the hormone produced by the adrenal gland (suprarenal) cortex that regulates your metabolism and your sugar level. But know, on

 the other hand, that your abstinence from eating for a long time leads to an increase in the level of this hormone, which damages your health and causes you to gain annoying kilograms.

So, it is better to fast intermittently, and you can continue to eat carbohydrates, but after you exercise.

2 Do the exercises

In order to control your hormones and lose excess weight without making great efforts, do not hesitate to exercise. They stimulate your body's production of growth hormones. These hormones boost your metabolism, burn fat, and increase your muscle mass.

In this case, do squats and weight-bearing exercises. It enhances the action of these hormones more than any other factor. The most effective sports are those that you practice in a short time and

 intensely and in regular batches. They contribute to effectively burning the accumulated fat in different areas of your body.

So stop starving yourself and making strenuous efforts in the gym. And do not always forget to apply this advice: control your hormones to burn fat and get a flat stomach. 

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