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Weight loss... 5 tips

 Weight loss... 5 tips

Many resort to exercise in order to lose weight and maintain a slim figure, but this does not mean that those who do not like to exercise, despite its importance, should suffer from extra kilograms! Being

 careful to perform some methods in daily life may lead to the same result.

Here are these tips to lose weight:


Avoid stress:

Stress causes excessive hunger bouts, and it pushes one to eat unhealthy foods without thinking, so staying away from the causes of stress is one of the most important ways to lose weight.

Get off the elevator and use your feet.

Movement in daily life helps in burning calories. If you are used to going up to your home or office by elevator, you can use the stairs and not rely on the car, if you want to go to the post office or buy something from the shops near the house.

-  House cleaning:

Cleaning the glass, ironing or wiping the floors of the house, are among the sports that can be practiced at home easily, and lead to weight loss. For example, cleaning a window for half an hour burns about 80 calories.

 Laughter maintains shape.

Experts point out that someone who laughs for ten minutes a day; Lose about 40 calories, which is equivalent to half a bar of chocolate.

Enjoy your sleep:

Studies have concluded that people who sleep regularly at night for seven to eight hours, often do not have problems with weight gain.


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