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Ways to lose 3 kilograms in just one week

 Ways to lose 3 kilograms in just one week

The desire to try everything new comes from the frustration of not losing weight despite all the efforts, and many people think that losing weight is easy, but reaching that perfect shape that you long

 for, seems like an unattainable dream for many, no matter what. As many suggestions as you get each day, losing weight can't be less than a challenge.

Well, it's time to get ready for some smart tricks that will help you lose weight, just when you consume them every morning before breakfast along with a healthy diet and some simple exercises.

Al Jamila tells you about the wonderful and effective fennel and mint drink, in the following lines:

A magical slimming drink that will help you lose 3 kilos in a week

 Fennel and mint drink

You must consume it regularly, and you will lose three kilograms per week, and you must adhere to a healthy diet to get a quick result.

the components:

Two tablespoons of fennel seeds.

A bunch of mint green.

A little lemon juice.

Two cups of water.

Peel a piece of lemon.

How to prepare and use:

First, boil the water and lemon peels in a pot over the fire for five minutes, after that, remove the mixture from the heat, drain it and set it aside, and then mix the fennel seeds and green mint, after finely

 chopping, lemon juice and honey, and mix the two mixtures with each other Some well.

Consume two cups of this mixture a quarter of an hour before breakfast, provided that it is hot for a better result.


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