Ways to increase the height of the child

 Ways to increase the height of the child

Every mother cares about the health of her child, especially in the early stages of growth, as children these days prefer fast food compared to healthy home-made food, however, eating the right food is important for them, because proper nutrition can help in the overall growth of children.

 The child’s routine and diet must be taken care of to help him grow normally and get the child to the required height.

Here is a group of tricks to help increase the height of the child


Maintain a diet

It is important for the child because the child is eating the right kind of balanced food of milk, eggs, leafy green vegetables and

 oatmeal, keeping the child away from junk food that lacks healthy ingredients and making the children eat more vegetables, lean protein and good carbohydrates.

Because sweetened drinks, chocolate, burgers and pizza harm children more than we imagine, on the contrary, a good diet rich in minerals and antioxidants that raises the child's immunity and facilitates the secretion of growth hormone in the right proportion.

Don't forget to exercise

In addition to the diet, exercises can be as easy as standing upright on toes against a wall or without support, touching the toes while standing, keeping the back straight, and doing stretching exercises, i.e. lengthening the spine, and doing this regularly can help one become taller.

It is okay for the child to practice yoga, as there are many forms of yoga that are fruitful in strengthening the child and making him taller. For example, children can lie on their backs and then raise

 their backs to form an arched shape similar to the letter U. The arms and legs are used to raise the entire body. This exercise gives the muscles of the spine strength and helps in rapid growth.

Sleeping well

On the other hand, proper sleep plays an important role in the development of children. It is important for a child to sleep for at least eight hours for most days, so that he can grow normally and

 recover from fatigue. Growth hormone is usually secreted during the child's sleeping hours, and therefore it is essential that the child does not exceed the hours of sleep.

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