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Waist and abdominal exercises to burn accumulated fat

 Waist and abdominal exercises to burn accumulated fat

Waist exercises are important exercises that help prevent the accumulation of fat in the waist and abdomen area. Girls are more interested in these exercises, and dancing is one of the most

 important exercises that girls do to get an attractive and acceptable waist, and walking is also an important and good sport for the waist area. Most Arab women suffer from the accumulation of fat in that area or the presence of flabbiness due to repeated pregnancy without exercising.

Al Jamila Net met with Dr. Amal Atallah, Head of the Physiotherapy Department at Gold's Gym Group, to show you how to get a perfect waist and a slim figure with exercises?

At first, Amal explained that waist exercises, like other exercises, need to warm up so that the person does not suffer from bone tension or dizziness due to the tightening of the exercise to the inflexible body, so before you start exercising, it is necessary to warm up, such as walking in your place or using walking or bicycle at home for 5 - 10 minutes:

   First method:

 Waist roll exercise: This exercise is simple and easy and contributes to tightening the side abdominal muscles, and it can be easily applied at home by standing straight with the legs fixed on the ground, then turn right and left with the hands bent towards the abdomen to be completely and correctly rotated.

Second method:

Standing next to the wall with the legs spread apart and the back facing the wall and away from it for a small distance, which facilitates the rotation of the body towards it without bumping into it.

Rotation of the upper torso to the right with the pelvis and lower limbs fixed in place.

Raising the left hand towards the wall when the upper torso is completed towards it, while trying to touch the left hand as far as possible from the wall from it.

Re-rotation of the body towards the left side with the right hand raised towards the wall to touch the farthest possible point from it.

Repeat the rotation in both directions 25 consecutive times without stopping.

Increasing the number of rotation times each time until reaching 100 consecutive times with the possibility of resting for half a minute between every 50 times.

You can also do the exercise from a sleeping position on the floor on your back with the knees bent and the feet joined next to each other and then turn your knees towards the ground right then left and at the

 end of the exercises make sure to do stretching and elongation exercises so as not to suffer from muscle tension. You can also use the last stretching exercise to do it slowly and wait a little while at the end of the movement.

The third and easiest method:

Waist wrap exercise is a simple exercise that focuses largely on exercising the back, abdominal and waist muscles and building them by installing the stick on the shoulders and moving the body using it right and left.


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