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Very healthy habits that help you lose weight permanently

 Very healthy habits that help you lose weight permanently

On March 4, the world celebrates the International Day to Combat Obesity and raise awareness of its harms. 

There are many tips related to following different diets and diet regimes in order to lose excess weight, but unfortunately, most diet

 regimes may make us bored and exhausted. However, there are some very healthy habits that help to lose weight effectively and easily.

On the World Anti-Obesity Day, get to know with us the most prominent daily very healthy habits that you can introduce into your lifestyle, to enjoy better health and enjoy a fit body.

The most important very healthy habits that get rid of excess weight

Add these foods to every meal

Whole grains, vegetables and fruits, such as watermelon, celery, cucumber, tomato, avocado, lemon and grapefruit, effectively contribute to increasing the metabolism in the body, and when

 consumed regularly, they prevent the accumulation of fat in the body and help in weight loss, and foods rich in fiber are able In turn, it increases the speed of fat burning by 10%.

Don't forget the protein

Digesting protein foods requires much more calories than other types of foods, and therefore, eating them in sufficient quantities within each meal or fast meal speeds up the metabolism process.

 Good sources of protein include red meat, turkey, fish and chicken, as well as nuts, beans, eggs and low-fat dairy products.

Do some quick exercise

Before eating any meal, do some quick exercises such as the push-up at least twenty times, and make sure during the day to maintain your activity and permanent movement. 

For example, avoid the elevator and use the stairs whenever possible, walk a little while talking on the phone. All these simple actions will help you continue to increase the rate of burning fat in your body.

Drink green tea and water

Green tea increases metabolic rates and accelerates fat oxidation, by 4%. This is due to the presence of powerful flavonoids and antioxidants in green tea. 

As for water, it is also useful for all the vital processes that occur in the body, including the metabolism process, getting rid of body toxins and thus helping all organs to function in a healthy and natural manner.

Relaxation and stress relief

Decreased metabolism or metabolism is affected by stress or poor and insufficient sleep, because stress increases the amount of cortisol in the body that can impede the metabolism process and lead to weight gain.

Focus and enjoy the taste of food

Numerous studies have shown that eating while watching TV increases the odds of eating unhealthy food and excessive amounts without paying attention. 

So, try to focus on the taste of food as much as you can and don't interrupt your eating session whether to talk on the phone, have an online chat or watch TV.

Positive thinking

Positive thinking, managing daily stress and taking optimistic attitudes while ignoring the negative aspects have many health benefits for the body. 

Positive thoughts and self-confidence are positive motivating ideas to reach and maintain the ideal weight, increase the ability to do more

 physical and sports activities to burn the accumulated fat, and say “no” to any type of food harmful to health and diet.


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